The 1960s Trip to Paris Which Saw Barbra Streisand Become a Couture Client

According to LIFE, Barbra didn’t like a Paris prices. “They stitch buttons improved here yet they also assign more,” she snipped. Many of a styles, arguably some-more regressive compared to ready-to-wear, didn’t rile her either. At Grès, examination a vast tent dress lean past, she whispered: “You’d never be means to tell what was going on underneath there.” At Dior, though, she pennyless down and bought day dresses, suits, dusk gowns, sports clothes, hats, boots and coats, costing a poignant $20,000, “as yet she were putting together an sequence of sandwiches, to go, from a Stage Delicatessen”.

For a Vogue sitting, Barbra incited adult to a studio in a black mink coat, purple dress and prolonged alligator boots. She was feeble and ill-tempered, angry via that she competence be ill all over Yves Saint Laurent’s end-of-show spousal dress. “She is erratic as a child, yet a caprice is excusable given underneath all a attributes of success, adulation, and admiration, underneath a poise, sophistication, and mirth there yawns a miss of courage and a excitability of youth,” wrote Vogue’s Polly Devlin.

Alexandre de Paris (née Louis Alexander Raimon), who did a Duchess of Windsor’s hair as good as Princess Grace’s, gave a immature Streisand issuing thatch of thick, dim hair and even let her keep one of a hairpieces in sell for her new record. In one photo, she acted with an aged Madame Grès. “Comme elle est belle,” pronounced Grès of Streisand, and wrapped her adult kindly in a tasty small coif: a purify white wimple of Moreau linen with a cut for a conduct and 12-inch side pieces to tie this approach and that.

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