The 15 best American cities to take a ‘staycation’ this summer

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Nearly half of Americans won’t be holding a vacation this summer since of family obligations, income and work. While roving distant from home for a week or dual competence not be feasible, we competence wish to cruise a “staycation,” — a.k.a., enjoying your time and visiting sights in your possess city.

If we live in Orlando, Florida; Honolulu; or Chicago, you’re in luck: They are a tip 3 best places for a staycation in a U.S., according to a new consult from WalletHub.

The financial website’s 2018 Best Worst Cities for Staycations rankings analyzed how 182 cities in a U.S. magnitude up. It looked during any city’s recreation, food and party as good as decrease opposite 40 pivotal metrics, including a series of restaurants, party parks, hiking trails and open beaches. Based on these findings, any city perceived a measure out of 100.

Orlando warranted a tip mark on a list with a best arrange in food and entertainment. Of course, it’s home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando, though it also boasts a many zoos and aquariums and a many ice cream and solidified yogurt shops per capita.

If you’re looking for a relaxing time off, Honolulu; Tampa, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina and Virginia Beach, Virginia are your best bets among a tip 15 staycation cities. Meanwhile Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia tied for No. 1 in many swimming pools per capita. Chicago has a many tennis courts; and if drink is your thing, Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; New York, New York; Oakland, California and Washington, D.C. are all tied for a cities with a many drink gardens.

Here are a tip 15 best cities for staycations in a U.S., according to WalletHub.

15. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Total score: 47.56
Recreation rank: 6
Food party rank: 79
Rest decrease rank: 14
Fun fact: North of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is also famous for a beaches and a oppulance hotels.

14. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Total score: 47.57
Recreation rank: 25
Food party rank: 63
Rest decrease rank: 6
Fun fact: In further to a beaches, we can revisit a Naval Air Station troops airport.

13. New York, New York 

Total score: 28.28
Recreation rank: 10
Food party rank: 10
Rest decrease rank: 122
Fun fact: New York tied with with several other cities for a many spas, drink gardens, ice cream, coffee and tea spots per capita.

12. Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Total score: 48.73
Recreation rank: 17
Food party rank: 24
Rest decrease rank: 20
Fun fact: The Mall of America, a biggest selling mall in a U.S., is only a 15-minute expostulate from a city.

11. Atlanta, Georgia

Total score: 49.75
Recreation rank: 21
Food party rank: 11
Rest decrease rank: 29
Fun fact: Airbnb’s most-liked Instagram listings for 2017 embody a treehouse in Atlanta.

10.Charleston, South Carolina

Total score: 50.71
Recreation rank: 26
Food party rank: 28
Rest decrease rank: 5
Fun fact: Food debate bookings are apropos some-more renouned in Charleston.

9. San Diego, California

Total score: 52.86
Recreation rank: 3
Food party rank: 19
Rest decrease rank: 23
Fun fact: It was named one of a best places to live in a U.S. in 2017.

8. San Francisco, California

Total score: 52.91
Recreation rank: 4
Food party rank: 5
Rest decrease rank: 98
Fun fact: It’s home to a Golden Gate Bridge and a ancestral Alcatraz prison.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Total score: 53.11
Recreation rank: 45
Food party rank: 2
Rest decrease rank: 41
Fun fact: Vegas had some-more than 42 million tourists in 2017.

6. Tampa, Florida

Total score: 53.37
Recreation rank: 22
Food party rank: 12
Rest decrease rank: 2
Fun fact: Located along Florida’s Gulf Coast, it’s home to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay thesis park.

5. Portland, Oregon

Total score: 53.61
Recreation rank: 8
Food party rank: 4
Rest decrease rank: 63
Fun fact: It was ranked as U.S. News World Report’s fifth best city for summer vacation this year.

4. Seattle, Washington

Total score: 54.60
Recreation rank: 7
Food party rank: 3
Rest decrease rank: 44
Fun fact: It ranks as No. 4 many hipster city in a world.

3. Chicago, Illinois

Total score: 55.23
Recreation rank: 1
Food party rank: 7
Rest decrease rank: 31
Fun fact: You can take a debate of meaningful areas in former President Barack Obama’s neighborhood.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

Total score: 55.97
Recreation rank: 9
Food party rank: 8
Rest decrease rank: 4
Fun fact: It’s also one of a best cities to find a pursuit this year.

Disclosure: CNBC primogenitor NBCUniversal owns Universal Orlando.

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