TERNOCON Celebrates Our National Identity Through Fashion

Long-Term Vision

It was critical that a mentors hailed from a same regions as a contestants, as this would assistance emanate an sourroundings that would encourage a student-teacher relationship. Buendia, famous for his frail lines and calm work, was an ideal foil for those with a bent to pattern in excess. “My primary concentration was to learn them how to be trained in modifying their work, and not divulgence all they know in a singular creation,” he adds. Santiago, whose sculptural works are lauded for their exquisite construction, was brought in to learn corsetry and other couture techniques. Cabili, who works with inland groups, overwhelmed on a concepts of delayed conform and informative appropriation.

Having emerged from a era of designers who worked with a terno in a serene days, Sotto is an essential overpass between a up-and-coming and a determined talents: grounded in normal couture techniques, though variable to complicated developments. “For TERNOCON, we zeroed in on how supportive they are to a beat of a times—not indispensably how updated they are with conform trends, though how influenced they are by things that are function in other aspects of renouned culture,” he shares. “I also need these immature designers to rise a clarity of oddity and honour towards a past, that creates clarity in this box since they are formulating a terno. But formed on a outputs we have seen so far, this is earnest to be utterly a show.”

Aside from showcasing a contestants’ creations and selecting a leader during a finish of a night, a idea of TERNOCON is to applaud a inhabitant dress, and “inspire a subsequent era of Filipinas to wear a terno with as most honour as a Japanese do their kimono and as a Koreans do their hanbok,” Chan says. Moran-Floirendo chimes in, “Perhaps this new era of designers and their wearable, select ternos will open a doors for some-more events in that we can wear them.”

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