Teen of a Week: St. Mary tyro bustling with school, family

“She’s a peacekeeper,” she pronounced of her 13-year-old. “She likes to keep a peace. And she always has a grin on her face.”

She never has to ask Leslie for help, Nicole Huffman said.

“You don’t have to ask her to do something, she usually sees things to do,” she said.

The eighth-grader pronounced being partial of a vast family can be pell-mell though fun and something she would never trade. Aside from assisting during home, she’s concerned in propagandize government, sports and gift causes.

Question: What are some of a activites you’re concerned in, how do we spend your time?

Answer: we spend a lot of time on tyro council. we was nominated to be a boss this year. we have 5 siblings so that positively takes a lot of time, basketball practice, we have a dog, too.

Q: How did we finish adult being a tyro legislature president?

A: Every year a eighth graders get to be a officers and a tyro legislature picked me for president. I’m boss and some of my friends are clamp president, treasurer, secretary, all a other roles.

Q: What are your responsibilities as president?

A: we go to all a meetings, make suggestions…if someone has an idea, they come to me. we speak to (teacher) Mrs. (Lori )Estes, who is like a king, we guess.

Q: Had we ever been concerned in being on a house like that before?

A: No, though creation decisions and being a chairman to go to ties in with being an comparison sibling.

Q: What are some of a projects you’ve finished on council?

A: Last week we did a food battle, where we helped a module that provides food and dishes for seniors. We collected a garland of food and cat food and dog food, too.

We’re also doing memory bricks. Anyone who has mislaid a primogenitor or a grandparent will get a section that says ‘In memory of…”

Then on Jan. 26, we’re carrying a talent show. We’re now creation a programs for that.

Q: You also play a integrate of sports, right?

A: Yes. Last year, we did basketball, cranky nation and lane and this year we did volleyball and we’re in a center of basketball deteriorate now.

Q: Do we suffer being partial of a team?

A: I’m a group captain so again, there’s a lot of responsibility. It’s neat to see how everybody comes together.

Q: Are we concerned with a church?

A: we proffer during a soup kitchen and my family always does a giving tree, that helps yield for a family wtih a certain volume any month. We did a identical thing in tyro council, where we supposing families with chicks, cows and pigs.

Q: It seems like we unequivocally suffer being means to help.

A: It’s good to see what happens when we give behind to people. My brothers were in Childrens Hospital since they were tighten to dual months beforehand and a longest we were there was 78 days. We stayed in a Ronald McDonald House. Everyone helped and it was great. we ‘ve gotten to see a other side.

Q: What’s it like to be partial of such a large family?

A: we have one comparison sister and 4 younger brothers. It’s a lot. There’s always a lot going on. My sister plays basketball and my hermit does float and soccer. It’s always “Come play with me this” and “Come play with me that.”

Q: I’ve listened that we assistance a lot with your younger brothers.

A: we do. It’s crazy in a mornings.

Q: You’re usually in eighth class though have we suspicion about what we competence wish to investigate or be after in life?

A: My father welds during Solvay. we went to a move your kids to work day and suspicion that’s what we wish to do, possibly that or jaunty training.

Q: Was is it about welding that interests you?

A: we like a lot of math and scholarship is fun. It seems like with this, you’re stability to learn all a time. It’s not like we learn one thing and afterwards usually keep doing it.

Q: Are math and scholarship your favorite subjects in school?

A: Yes and we unequivocally like amicable studies, too.

Kate York conducted this interview. To commission a Teen of a Week, email news@mariettatimes.com

Leslie Huffman

¯ Age: 13.

¯ Grade: Eight.

¯ School: St. Mary Catholic School.

¯ Activties: Student council, basketball, volleyball.

¯ Family: Mother, Nicole; father, Michael; sister Madeline, 15; brothers Grant, 10, Evan, 7 and Cole and Cale, 3, mixed dogs, cats and horses.

¯ Future plans: To pursue a career in welding, like her father.

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