Teen found passed in walk-in freezer after hotel party

A mom says she’s “horrified” after a physique of her 19-year-old daughter was found inside an Illinois hotel’s walk-in freezer — a day after she apparently walked into it drunk, according to authorities and witnesses.

Kenneka Jenkins, 19, was conspicuous passed during a Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel Conference Center in suburban Rosemont early Sunday, scarcely a day after a teen’s mom, Tereasa Martin, pronounced she got a call from friends that she passed from a property. Martin pronounced military reliable her misfortune fears reduction than a day after when they found a teen passed in a hotel’s walk-in freezer — where she apparently got stranded during a inebriated wander divided from a party.

“[I’m] horrified,” Martin told a Chicago Tribune. “It’s something that no one could ever imagine. It’s unbelievable.”

Martin pronounced she went to a hotel early Saturday to assistance her friends hunt for her daughter, though authorities got concerned in a hunt after a family filed a blank persons news a few hours later.

Hotel staffers told Martin she indispensable to record a blank persons news before investigators could start reviewing notice footage during a hotel.

“The hotel staff and government [were] actively canvassing a area during that time,” Gary Mack, a orator for a encampment of Rosemont, told a Tribune.

Investigators after found video taken during about 3:20 a.m. that day, display a teen “staggering” dipsomaniac nearby a hotel’s front desk, Martin said. Police after told kin that a teen’s physique had been found during about 1 a.m. Sunday inside a freezer, that was operative during a time, though wasn’t being used to store food, Martin said.

“I only occur to know there’s work being finished on some new comforts over there, so there is some construction activity where a new grill is being built, and [she was found] in that vicinity,” Mack told a Tribune. “This is not an area where anyone would typically be who was a guest in a hotel.”

An autopsy was finished Sunday, though a teen’s means and demeanour of genocide will be dynamic “pending furthur studies,” a mouthpiece for a medical examiner’s bureau told The Post.

Martin, meanwhile, doubted a timeline supposing by investigators, observant her daughter would have a tough time opening a complicated freezer doors or would’ve satisfied that she wasn’t in a right place.

“Those were double steel doors, she didn’t only cocktail them open,” she said.

Martin was also dissapoint during hotel staffers, claiming they showed a miss of coercion during a search. A manager during a hotel referred all inquiries to police. The hotel’s ubiquitous manager pronounced in a matter that employees will continue to work with military in a investigation.

“We are saddened by this news, and a thoughts are with a immature lady and her family during this formidable time,” Crown Plaza ubiquitous manager Cher Jacobsen told a Chicago Sun-Times.

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