Summer’s tip practical communities

Truelie Telling in Kitely. (Image pleasantness Freda Frostbite around Google Plus.)

Truelie Telling in Kitely. (Image pleasantness Freda Frostbite via Google Plus.)

Google Plus continues to be a amicable media end of choice for OpenSim users, due a usability, pity features, and support for identities formed on avatar names.

I now lane 175 practical communities that have some propinquity to OpenSim, and only collected a members depends of any group. See a full list of metaverse communities here.

Of course, we don’t have to be a member to perspective a posts in a open communities, so a volume of seductiveness in, say, The Adult Metaverse community, might be underneath counted.

This month for a time time we started tracking collections as well, that are a new underline in Google Plus.

Top 15 communities

Communities that have gained a many members given March

Major communities with a largest expansion rates

New on a list this month

New collections

Are there any communities or collections I’m missing? Let me know in a comments below, or email me during [email protected].

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