Summer list: Top 5 walking spots in and around Rotorua


Rotorua Daily Post

picks 5 of a good walking marks in a region.

Lake Okaro:
Lake Okaro, nestled in a still panorama between Rotorua and Taupo, has been a renouned mark for anglers for years. But for those who don’t extract in a sport, a lake also has a good walking track. The turn outing is reduction than a kilometre and takes about 35 minutes. It’s a shining highway for those on a highway outing who need to widen their legs!

The redwoods. Photo/file

Redwoods Forest:

An apparent addition, though nonetheless worthy. The Redwoods Forest, with a contentment of walking and biking tracks, is a walkers’ (and bikers’) heaven. The unbeatable mix of roving surfaces, topography and view support for all ability and aptness levels with some-more than 70 trails trimming from amateur to consultant levels. Take a kids on one of a shorter loop marks or block in your headphones and try alone.

Lake Okareka Boardwalk:
Suitable for pushchairs, a Lake Okareka Boardwalk is an easy wander around a corner of one of Rotorua’s many lifelike lakes. The 5km lapse travel showcases local vegetation, farmland and wetlands, with expanded views and wildlife. A two-minute expostulate down a highway will take we to Tikitapu (Blue Lake) where we can suffer another 5km loop.

Okere Falls:
With observation platforms providing front quarrel views of pretentious waterfalls and white H2O rafters creation their approach down a Kaituna River, as good as geocaches and heat worms during night, there is copiousness to keep a children entertained on this short, easy walk. There are information panels along a lane and a far-reaching grassy area beside a categorical carpark, providing a good site for a punch to eat. The lane is 1.2km and takes 30 mins one way, to complete.

Ngongotaha Nature Loop:
An easy one-hour loop walk, wander by Mount Ngongotaha’s unlogged local brush in willing surroundings. Interpretation panels along a approach yield information on a plants and animals in a reserve. The brief travel is oriented towards families and showcases a pleasing flora and fauna of a mountain.

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