Stay On Edge: New Creations from Berluti

Two new Alessandro models enlarge Berluti’s shoe collection for a season

For a spring/summer 2020 season, Kris Van Asche daringly interpreted one of a maison’s many emblematic lace-up shoes, a Alessandro. This sold oxford was creatively combined by Alessandro Berluti himself all a approach behind in 1895. The Alessandro was done from a singular square of leather and has no manifest seams. Though a pattern subtly altered over a years, it has turn a purest countenance of Berluti’s formidable style. This season, a iconic oxford takes on a singly sharp, solid cut-inspired Edge last.

The new iteration comes in dual opposite models. The first, Empreiente is a confidant jubilee of a Scritto design combined by Olga Berluti—which was itself loyalty to calligraphy in a early 2000s. Reproducing lines from an strange manuscript, Scritto is now engraved all over a Venezia leather with an understated nonetheless adventurous effect.

Next is a Highlight, that facilities an bony conformation emphasized by a bi-color solitary blending black leather and splendid tangerine rubber, desirous by a colorful marble tables where Berluti craftsmen hand-dye patina shoes. Both a Empreinte and Highlight models underline a new Testa Di Moro Intenso anniversary patina, combined from a iconic TDM patina and given a complicated turn by blending it with ethereal fluoro touches.

Both of a new Alessandro shoe styles are accessible during Berluti stores.



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