STAHLNECKER: Goodwill reserve bold, affordable wardrobe for students

With a appearance of 40-degree continue in Lincoln final week, we motionless it was time to put my Carhartt and flannels divided for a springtime. In doing this, we detected that a rest of my closet was filled with zero though jeans and short-sleeved shirts. we indispensable garments that would keep me gentle on 40-degree days and cold on 60-degree days. As a pennyless college student, name-brand wardrobe was out of a question. One shirt or span of pants was not value 10 percent of my paycheck.

Looking for options, we walked from my dorm to a Goodwill during 1731 O St., and we was agreeably astounded by what we found there. As we took in nosefulls of flat air, my eyes illuminated adult with a unusual bargains in front of me.

My initial stop was a pants section. Searching for a breathable span of open pants, we struggled to find what we was looking for. While there were a series of select options, there were no pants in my size. Looking by a men’s khakis, we found a span of corduroy pants that were “medium-sized.” It incited out that these pants were elastic, string pants from Maurice’s, a ladies wardrobe store chain. While we was skeptical, these pants seemed to be a closest fit of a selection. we attempted them on, and they were not too lax or too tight. With soft, elastic fabric, they were both gentle and breathable, and for usually $6, we knew they were a right span for me.


Jake Stahlnecker wears a striped cardigan and dim immature shirt with some heart made sunglasses all bought during Goodwill for underneath 10 dollars on Feb. 25, 2018.

Moving on to shirts, we found a rustic, long-sleeve organisation neck T-shirt with a timberland immature tone and a hardy, nonetheless breathable string fabric. Priced during $1, it was affordable, select and unsentimental for open weather. we combined it to my transport as we changed on to a sweaters.

In a sweater section, we found a baby blue cardigan with white pinstripes on a sides. With  mixed string and nap fabric, this sweater had a 1960s “Mad Men” demeanour to it. While it was warm, it did not have a suffocating feeling that many nap sweaters can have. Its pastel colors and assuage regard were ideal for a arriving open month, and like a T-shirt it was usually $1.

With an $8 total, we motionless to buy a span of sunglasses to finish a open look. we found a span of retro, heart-patterned eyeglasses that fit in good with a individualist vibe of a other clothes. Like a shirt and sweater before them, a eyeglasses were a dollar.

For usually $9.63 and 20 mins of my time, we gained a span of comfortable, prime pants, a imperishable mid-weight shirt, a warm, superannuated cardigan and a span of engaging and colorful shades. Although we did not get tip of a line products, we combined a unsentimental open outfit and a new outlandish character for subsequent to nothing.

While we competence not find a whole new outfit during a Goodwill, there were a series of different, select wardrobe equipment there to fit a pennyless college student. Whether it’s $5 tweed jackets, $4 industriously patterned sweaters or a span of cutoff jean shorts, a Goodwill on O Street provides a accumulation of affordable options for any deteriorate of a year.

If we are looking for practicality or a new confidant look, there is no need for a mall or a internet. Take a 10-minute travel from campus to a internal Goodwill, and you’ll be agreeably astounded by what we find.

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