Specialized S-Works EXOS boots review

The new EXOS shoe from Specialized is a unequivocally opposite savage to anything we’ve seen from a association before. While a stream S-Works 7 shoe is considerable in terms of fit, feel and weight, a EXOS plan takes a weight emanate to a new level.

My exam span of 45s import in during 347.2g (173.6g each) — 347g is an excusable weight for a singular shoe — so a EXOS is a stunningly light design. Although Specialized, during a same time as introducing a EXOS, has done an even lighter shoe called a EXOS 99: a lace-up chronicle of this shoe that weighs 99g. The downside is that they are even pricier than a customary EXOS during over £600.

Specialized has achieved this low weight by regulating a fabric called Dyneema (also used on a S-Works 6 shoe). The fabric is non-stretch and facilities a four-way wobble that is connected to a flyweight subsidy filigree – a Dyneema provides support and structure to a physique of a shoe, while a toe box uses a element identical to a overshoe-like ‘warp sleeve’ found on a S-Works 6 shoe.

The heel is also surprisingly soothing and supple, so we unequivocally need to use a bonded-on rubber tag on a shoe to lift a heel into place though wrinkling it.

The solitary is also interconnected down, like a upper, though it still attains a high rigidity rating of 13. That series comes from a exam in that Specialized relates a 40kg bucket to a sole’s cleat image and measures a volume of deflection, that in this box was between 1.32 and 2.11mm.

Compared to a rigidity index of a S-Works 7 (15 = 0-0.61mm of deflection), there is a small some-more flex here, though a 13 rating is a same as a S-Works 6 shoe.

For a shoe built to be minimal, Specialized, thankfully, hasn’t skimped on safeguarding a CO sole, with a estimable heel fender gripping a CO divided from a ground. The heel fender is replaceable too, with a singular dark shaft accessed from inside, underneath a feet bed.

Specialized S-Works EXOS impressions

In use, a EXOS is an ethereal shoe, a minimal top has copiousness of breathable holes. My contrast enclosed a week’s roving in Girona with 20+ grade Celsius temperatures and a EXOS were brilliant.

On a prolonged climbs of Els Angels and Hincapie my feet didn’t prepare and a heat regulated unequivocally well. More surprisingly, on a descents after both climbs we indeed got cold feet as a breeze started to chill.

The fit is distant freer than many race-optimised shoes, so a EXOS feels like a well-balanced design: understanding where we need it and forgiving where we don’t.

I was tender that a EXOS binds your feet in place, and total with glorious Body Geometry insoles there was no shifting sideways, nonetheless your toes and paw feel most freer so we can widespread your toes.

For all though summer in a UK a rarely breathable and minimal top wouldn’t be my ideal choice, though for prohibited rides and prolonged climbs we wouldn’t wish to put my feet anywhere else. You confirm either we hold a cost inestimable for a shoe that we won’t be regulating all of a time.

Specialized S-Works EXOS specifications

  • Uppers:  Dyneema fibres
  • Sole: Carbon Closure: BOA IP1 dial
  • Cleat: Three-bolt cleat
  • Available colours: White, black
  • Price: £450 / $500 / AU$600

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