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For a prolonged time, a right bag was a essential standing symbol, yet it looks as yet a new it appendage has shifted concentration to a feet.

Last year, tellurian conform hunt height Lyst had 80 million shoppers from 120 countries who began their conform hunt on a site. Having tracked some-more than 100 million searches, queries, page views and sales information conflicting 5 million conform products from 12,000 designers and stores, they recently expelled a news of their findings.

As a conform fan, a commentary were all flattering interesting, yet one square of information that held my eye was that in 2017, there were some-more searches for sneakers than handbags, with some-more than 3 million shoppers acid for a span on Lyst each month.

For a prolonged time, a right bag was a essential standing symbol, yet it looks as yet a new it appendage has shifted concentration to a feet.

While there’s always going to be a hierarchy of a many sought after sneaker styles and brands, a good thing is that a spectrum for conform sneakers is so diverse.

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For interest’s sake, a many wanted sneakers of 2017 according to Lyst’s series crunching were, in sequence from series one: Fenty Puma Bows ($350), Balenciaga Speeds ($900), Gucci Aces ($700), Vans Old Skools ($130), Adidas Gazelles ($130), Comme des Garcons Plays ($185), Common Projects Achilles’ ($550), Balenciaga Race Runners ($950), New Balance 990s ($230) and Nike Air Max 97s ($300).

And as we can see from a above, while there are still some rarely pricey pairs in a mix, those prices don’t come tighten to what a bag from a same designers would cost.


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That was final year, and a year is a prolonged time in fashion, so who knows what we’ll be lusting after by a end, yet for now, elements from a above will continue to be coveted, with dual strands in sold being sought after.

There’s your “ugly” sneakers (think blown out shapes, farfetched soles, churned materials and astonishing details, with Balenciaga blazing a trail, yet also Acne, Yeezy, Margiela, Nike etc).

And there’s a updated retro sneaker – fundamentally a opposite, low-fi, purify lines, old-school shapes from a likes of Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Vans and Nike again (though design to see abounding valuables hues or cold pastels take over from white, black and a like), or styles that build on these classical shapes yet supplement a signature spin, such as Gucci’s signature elaboration or Dior’s clear embellishment.

Locally, Ruben Bryant, owners of Good As Gold boutiques in Wellington and Auckland, agrees that a conform sneaker business is booming.

“Sneakers have been offered like crazy,” he says. “We sell a infancy of sneakers to women and try to get each character from tiny (women’s) sizes by to men’s sizes.”

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Bryant says what’s prohibited in terms of brands and styles “goes adult and down contingent on renouned releases and batch we can get a hands on. A lot of styles will sell out within days.”

“Part of a stream recognition with sneakers is a collaborations with high form celebrities and product seeding onto amicable media influencers, and a arise of streetwear in ubiquitous has pumped adult demand. Plus each oppulance conform residence now produces sneakers too, so it’s not only a streetwear thing either.”

He says serve interest lies in a fact that sneakers are comfortable, affordable, “perfect for missioning around a city”, and can be dressed adult or down.

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