Sneakers and Wings

I work especially nights and swapping weekends, so peculiarity time with a teen can be tough to come by. When we got a calm yesterday seeking if we could go out to lunch, we was happy to oblige. There was a catch, however. First, we had to go shopping. For me.

She supposed straightforwardly adequate that we don’t consider she suspicion we was serious. we don’t ever “go shopping” for myself unless a supermarket or wine store counts. The usually garments I’ve bought for myself in a final twenty years are socks, underwear, and equipment with sports logos. Sometimes hosiery and underwear with sports logos.

If you’ve ever been talked into holding a teenage lady to a mall, we know what woe it can be. After a few pieces of pizza and an hour or so browsing for song and video games, we event to find that they are usually a entertain of a approach by their targeted stores. Don’t devise on doing anything else that afternoon. If there is a diversion on TV we wish to watch, set your DVR and equivocate checking your phone.

So we dragged it out a little. All we indeed indispensable was a new span of sneakers, though we went to a few opposite places. we checked out a new rigging during Olympia Sports and looked during some shirts in Kohls that we wouldn’t be held passed in, seeking her opinion often. By a third stop, she asked if she could stay in a car. we didn’t let her.

Eventually, we got sleepy of a game, (OK, we got hungry) and staid on a span of blue Reeboks. Somehow she finished adult with a new sweater. We had a good lunch, abandoned of her courtesy removal small sister. Phones were left in pockets, a review was had.

Not a bad approach to spend a stormy Saturday afternoon in March.

Originally published on Musings of a Thirsty Daddy

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