She wore an anti-abortion dress to a Grammys, though who is Joy Villa?

Singer Joy Villa incited heads Sunday night when she showed adult to a Grammys with a dress temperament an anti-abortion message.

The singer, who is not nominated for any Grammys this year, wore a white dress inscribed with a difference “choose life” subsequent to a rainbow-colored sketch of a tellurian fetus. In an talk with Fox News, Villa explained a meditative behind her choice: “I’m a pro-life woman. This year we chose to make a matter on a red runner like we always do. I’m all about life.” She combined that a dress was desirous by her possess choice to put a baby adult for adoption when she was 21 and her faith that women should select adoption over abortion.

The anti-abortion dress is not her initial domestic matter on a red carpet. At final year’s Grammys, she wore a red, white, and blue dress ornate with President Donald Trump’s debate slogan, “Make America Great Again.” In December, Villa indicted Trump’s former debate manager Corey Lewandowski of inappropriate touching during a holiday party. But in her new talk with Fox News, Villa emphasized that she was still a Trump fan: “I adore what he is doing; stagnation is down. we am totally for President Trump, and it’s usually been one year. we can’t wait for a subsequent 7 years!”

The honour appears to be mutual; when Villa announced in Oct that she was deliberation a run for domestic office, she got a thumbs-up from a president, who wrote on Twitter: “Good fitness to Joy Villa on her preference to enter a smashing universe of politics. She has many fans!”

Villa wasn’t a usually one regulating her red runner coming to make a statement; after a organisation of actresses wore black dresses to a Golden Globes as a pointer of oneness with a ongoing #MeToo transformation opposite passionate abuse and harassment, some-more celebrities showed adult to a Grammys on Sunday with white roses on their outfits to communicate a identical message.

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