Serena Williams launches conform line for “strong, sexy, sassy” women



Call her a sports superstar, mother and mother — though Serena Williams, jet-setting contestant and part-time San Francisco resident, is also a heed businessman with a launch of her latest new line, Serena, on May 30.

Serena — a line of dresses, bottoms, cropped tops and other clothes — has shades of ’90s fashion: middle and light rinse denim and jogger wear (remember Juicy Couture?).

The infrequent wear was desirous by “strong, sexy, sophisticated, sassy, sure, smart, stylish, silly, and extemporaneous women who are vital their best lives, or creation it adult as they go — kinda like me,” Williams wrote on her website,

The launch came a day after Williams, 36, seemed in an eye-catching black catsuit during a French Open. The body-hugging clothes by Nike might have done it easier for her to pierce (she degraded Kristyna Pliskova) and generated headlines by job courtesy to her post-pregnancy curves. And maybe that was a point.

Serena, a heed line, is dictated for women of all shapes and sizes and ages, most like a tennis star herself, who doesn’t heed to normal modes of beauty with her rarely muscled 5-foot-9 frame. Williams, who had a baby lady by C-section in September, faced life-threatening complications from a blood clot following and is still removing behind to pre-baby shape. (She is married to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and splits her time between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palm Beach.)

Of her catsuit, a New York Times quoted her in a May 29 essay as saying, “It feels like this fit represents all a women that have been by a lot mentally, physically with their physique to come behind and have certainty and to trust in themselves.” She also, according to that published report, pronounced she “indicated that a suit’s compressive qualities also had a organic purpose in light of her repeated problems with blood clots, since it facilitated circulation.”

In 2003, Williams launched a ephemeral Aneres heed line (“Serena” spelled backwards), that has been discontinued. HSN carries a infrequent womenswear line called Serena Williams Signature Statement.

Williams’ denim is not a dark, elastic fabric found in so many leggings and jeggings on a marketplace today, though carries a retro demeanour for a reason. “It has a slight stretch, though Serena wanted a some-more assembled fit and authentic selected feel,” a association mouthpiece said.

The clothes is designed by Williams with assistance from a group and is done in New York and Los Angeles. Future releases in summer and tumble will embody a black and red dress Williams is seen wearing in a broadside photo. Prices operation from $35 to $250, during

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