See How A Shook Kylie Jenner Is Trying To Compete With Fenty Beauty

Yes, compelling your product is normal. But we’d be fibbing if we didn’t acknowledge it’s a small sus that Kylie Cosmetics *coincidentally* forsaken a contingent of new shades on this sold Friday, saying as how a final time they combined new product it was to commemorate Jenner’s birthday in early August. For a cost of 30 American dollars, we can get your really possess pack that will give we a demeanour Kylie popularized — matte lips in you-must-notice-me hues.

KyCo reportedly raked in $420 million in sales in reduction than dual years, startling total for someone whose solitary explain to beauty attention legitimacy is her barbarous cosmetic procedure. We meant we guess… who improved to sell glass lippies than someone whose lippies are full of liquid? 

But this mouth pack dump isn’t a only reason KyCo is in a news this week. Rih’s Navy didn’t reason back when KyCo regenerated their usually shade meant for POCs in a suspiciously timed dump final week.

And afterwards it got even worse. KyCo consumer Em Venditte perceived a nasty warn in what should differently be an sparkling package to accept when she got her sequence from a company. To her dismay, her order was filled with “ants inside and outward a package with uncanny food particles inside.” Wow, like, literally, so cute!

We mean, who knows? Maybe her sister Kourtney’s new favorite gluten-free, dairy-free, nutrient-free break is ants, and Kylie’s only perplexing to put a lady on. But for those who grew adult examination Fear Factor, digging into what we consider will be nice, new products when they’re indeed insect-covered is an appearance certain to trigger PTSD.

Yikes! We’re betting on Black brands from here on out.

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