Scaletta’s Summer Top 100 Countdown: 51 – Eric Bledsoe

Kelly Scaletta

Scaletta’s Summer Top 100 is a ranking of returning NBA players. For a full reason of our methodology, read a intro. Coming in during 51 is Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe brings us to a median indicate of a summer rankings. And as distant as ranking him goes, he’s utterly a conundrum. He’s been a equivocal luminary while on a court. But his ability to stay on a justice has been his biggest challenge.

“Mini LeBron” enters a 2016-17 deteriorate healthy and prepared to settle himself as an All-Star and a Phoenix Suns as a warn group of a year. Whether he can do so will count mostly on a series of games he plays.

Ceiling: 20

Last season, Bledsoe averaged 20.4 points, 6.1 assists and 4.0 play per game. He had a 20.0 actor potency rating. Here are a players who averaged 20 points, 6 dimes, 4 play and had a PER over 20:

Of a 6 other players who did it, 5 were in a All-Star Game and a other, Damian Lillard, was a biggest slight of a festivities. There’s no doubt that when Bledsoe is healthy, he’s able of personification during an All-Star level.

Floor: 200

There aren’t many indicate guards this side of Derrick Rose who have had as many struggles with injuries as Bledsoe has, though. He missed 51 games final season, 38 in 2013-14, and 41 in 2011-12. In a swap years, though, he’s played 81 in 2010-11, 76 in 2012-13 and 81 in 2014-15. So, if that settlement continues, he should be only excellent this year. His many new damage was a ripped meniscus, that isn’t a arrange that is expected to recur. So there is a decent possibility that he stays healthy.

But if he misses half a deteriorate again, he has to take a critical decrease in a rankings since we have to be on a justice to have an impact.


Bledsoe is a really effective pick-and-roll indicate guard. He averaged 7.9 points per diversion and 0.97 points per possession, according to No one was improved than him on a both counts, not even Stephen Curry.

What is engaging about him is that he’s one of a singular shooters who is some-more effective off a rebound than off a pass.

On catch-and-shoots, he was 36.1 percent from a margin and 35.8 percent from deep. On pull-ups, he was 43.2 percent from a margin and 40.3 percent from deep. And he attempted and done some-more shots from low when he was formulating his possess shot.

This is a different of Brandon Knight, who came in at No. 69 on my list. That, and a fact that Bledsoe is a improved passer of a two, is since he should be a primary ball-handler of a two.


Defensively, Bledsoe is a beast. Between his extensive athleticism and uncertain 6’7.5″ wingspan, he can worry roughly any indicate ensure in a NBA. 

He ranked only 11th among indicate guards final year in Defensive Real Plus-Minus (DRPM), though he was personification that whole time with a bruise knee–the one that finished adult wanting that meniscus surgery. In 2014-15, he finished third, behind Ricky Rubio and Stephen Curry in DRPM during 1.85.

According to his defensive dashboard, opponents shot 1.5 points next their deteriorate averages opposite him. And deliberation a Suns were 25th in a joining in Defensive Rating, that’s substantially not since he was removing a lot of assistance from his teammates.  In fact, a Suns’ defensive rating with him on a justice was 103.5 and with him on a bench, it was 108.3.

Referencing a 20/6/4 list above, there were 5 indicate guards on it: Bledsoe, Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kyle Lowry and Lillard. Considering Bledsoe’s merits also on a defensive end, it’s not irrational to embody him in a review for top-five indicate guards in a league, supposing he can stay healthy.

Scaletta’s Summer Top 100 Countdown: 51 – Eric Bledsoe

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