Scaletta’s Summer Top 100 Countdown: 50 – Greg Monroe

Kelly Scaletta

Scaletta’s Summer Top 100 is a ranking of returning NBA players. For a full reason of a methodology, review a intro.

Greg Monroe is wily business to arrange in a complicated NBA because it’s tough to figure out how to change his strengths and weaknesses, as a Milwaukee Bucks are anticipating out after signing him to a three-year, $50 million understanding final summer, usually to see him finish a deteriorate entrance off a bench.

On a one hand, he has undoubted descent talents. On a other, he’s a veritable red runner on defense. Will a Bucks find a approach to use him this year and recompense for his liabilities? Or will he finish a deteriorate somewhere else, such as New Orleans? While his destiny binds copiousness of questions, his past tells us who he is, and it’s not expected to change unequivocally much.

Ceiling: 45

Statistically, Monroe is a improved actor than people realize. His 7.5 Win Shares final year ranked 28th in a NBA, according to His 21.8 Player Efficiency Rating was 17th, and there were usually 13 players who were improved than him on both counts. However, those things don’t effectively magnitude defense, and as we’ll plead shortly that is not unequivocally good — quite in a Bucks’ system.

If he can be reduction of a guilt on that finish or get interconnected with a teammate who can cover adult his shortcomings (say, Anthony Davis), afterwards he has a slight possibility to pierce up. But it’s tough to see him unexpected apropos a participation on a other finish of a justice in his seventh season.

Floor: 60

In annoy of his flaws, his participation on a descent finish and his resilient are too good to keep him off a justice entirely. He averaged 18.8 points and 10.8 play per 36 mins final year.

Even if he continues entrance off a dais in Milwaukee, he’ll still get copiousness of minutes. And identical to what Enes Kanter is doing with a Oklahoma City Thunder, Monroe could indeed flower in a dais role, where his descent talents will be tough for many benches to contend with and where his defensive shortcomings will be reduction painful. So while his starting pursuit is in jeopardy, his mins are safe. That means there isn’t a lot of room between his building and ceiling.


Monroe is one of a improved low-post scorers in a league. According to, usually 5 players overwhelmed a round in a post some-more than he did final year. He was also sixth in points in a post. And he was second in assists out of a post. Furthermore, on post-up plays tracked by Synergy, he was fourth in sum points.

While 86.5 percent of his buckets came within 10 feet of a basket, they came in a accumulation of ways. Monroe netted 109 offshoot shots, 84 burst shots and 279 layups. He combined 211 of his buckets. He scored a other 280 off a pass. His shot draft doesn’t simulate his versatility. His scoring is some-more about a accumulation of skills than range. Having a large male who can emanate shots inside is a oppulance many teams don’t have.


While I’ve been oppressive on Monroe’s defense, concede me to validate that a bit more. Monroe doesn’t fit good in a Bucks’ character of defense. And he’s mostly personification alongside Jabari Parker, who isn’t a ideal frontcourt partner to assistance cover adult his liabilities.

Matt Lurie from pennyless down a Bucks’ issues on invulnerability and highlighted Monroe’s purpose with a analogous shave for an example:

For each step brazen a Bucks took final season, they have taken dual stairs behind this year. A lot of their problems snippet behind to a further of Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker into a starting lineup.

For starters, Monroe has not been means to govern a intrigue scarcely as good as John Henson or Zaza Pachulia. When fortifying pick-and-rolls, he is asked to come adult a few feet subsequent a collect and shade a ball-handler until a subsequent action. Monroe has been intensely delayed in open-space, and a Bucks have been unequivocally bad during rotating to a edge when Monroe fails to redeem behind to his man.


According to, a Bucks’ defensive rating was a flattering unhappy 109.2 when Parker and Monroe were on a justice together (compared to 105.2 overall), that backs adult Lurie’s claim. And it was 4.3 points per 100 security worse when Monroe was on a court, period.

Scaletta’s Summer Top 100 Countdown: 50 – Greg Monroe

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