Rod Walker: Friday night lights double as date night for high propagandize officials Celia and Boyd Hughes

This Friday night, like many Friday nights, was date night for Celia and Boyd Hughes. But this wasn’t your standard date.

Celia didn’t have to collect out some imagination outfit. Her black and white striped shirt was only fine.

And Boyd didn’t have to select a good restaurant. Sitting in a press box during Hoss Memtsas Stadium matched his mother only fine.

“Of course,” Celia pronounced when asked either she deliberate a dusk a date. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Boyd is in his eighth year as a high propagandize football official. Celia is in her fourth. On Friday night, they sat side by side: Celia worked a play clock, and Boyd was in assign of a diversion clock.

It was a bustling night for both as John Ehret prevailed in a touchdown fest, posting a 46-41 feat over Hahnville.

The couple, who live in Belle Chasse, don’t always get to work together.

In Week 1, Celia was down on a margin as side decider for Destrehan’s Friday night diversion opposite Slidell. Boyd, who was reserved a Saturday game, watched his mother from a stands.

“She did good,” he said.

They critique any other after games when they aren’t operative together. Do they ever disagree?

“All a time,” Celia said. “We’ll see a play, and he’ll contend it’s one thing and I’ll contend it’s something else. Usually I’m right.”

But, Boyd chimed in, “We customarily come together and agree.”

That should be expected.

The Texas natives, college sweethearts who met while personification a label diversion Uno during Midwestern State University in Texas, have been married for 26 years.

Their officiating goes over a gridiron: Boyd also calls basketball, softball and baseball. It was baseball, that he has called for a past 15 years, that got his mother into officiating. They were vital in Texas during a time, and Boyd indispensable a bottom referee while he was umpiring in a semi-pro ball league.

They’ve been during it ever since, including a past dual years in Louisiana. Given Boyd’s troops duties, a integrate also has lived in Hawaii and Japan.

They’ve officiated all from small joining ball to semipro ball to high propagandize football.

“We’ve had many, many games,” Boyd said. “So many it’s crazy.”

Like all officials, they’ve held their share of feverishness from fans. Celia substantially catches a small more. Some were astounded when she sealed adult to go football final season. “You’re gonna call football?” they asked.

“But once she got on a margin and they saw she knew what she was doing, it was fine,” Boyd said. “Because she’s a female, she hears it more. But she can reason her own.”

Celia agreed.

“You get tough skin,” she said.

And they know, no matter what, they always have any other’s backs.

“Sometimes we’ll do softball games on apart fields, and they will be observant things about her to me and things about me to her,” Boyd said. “They’ll ask (if) we know her. I’ll contend ‘Yeah, we know her personally.’ “

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