Riverside military find crack, scale, baggies inside Victoria’s Secret bag, laced brownies in car

A male who might have been anticipating that a Victoria’s Secret bag would keep his secrets protected from military was pulled over by Riverside officers who detected moment heroin and a scale in a pinkish present bag, military said.

Shortly after 1 p.m., officers speckled a southbound 2009 Buick in a 3300 retard of Harlem Avenue. The motorist was pushing in a line used for parking and was flitting vehicles on a right for several blocks, military said.

Officers conducted a trade stop during Harlem and Robinson Court and asked a driver, after identified as Ponciano Martinez, for his driver’s license. Martinez pronounced he did not have one, though handed a officer an Illinois State ID card, military said.

Once officers ran a check, they detected Martinez’s permit was revoked for 4 DUI convictions. He was afterwards arrested for pushing while his permit was revoked, military said.

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