Rising Fashion Stars Walk a Awards Season Red Carpet

Another turn of red carpets means another turn of pleasing gowns, and a golden event for up-and-coming conform designers to deteriorate a desired impulse in a spotlight. Hot on a heels of a Golden Globes nominations, we asked stylists Cristina Ehrlich (who’s sauce nominees Alison Brie, Allison Williams, Greta Gerwig and Laura Dern), Micaela Erlanger (Meryl Streep) and Elizabeth Stewart (Jessica Chastain) to share that rising stars they’re eyeing this awards season.

Michael Halpern

“He’s intrepid — he’s not fearful of sparkle, he’s not fearful of drama, and he likes to go for silhouettes that are unequivocally daring,” says Ehrlich of London-based New Yorker Halpern, whose 1-year-old tag has quick turn a red-carpet favorite. “It’s divine, it’s sparkling and it’s distinct anything I’ve ever seen before.” Erlanger recently chose Halpern for clients Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger. “You get this underlying clarity that he loves a woman’s body,” says Ehrlich. “He looks during a lady like a canvas, and he covers her, and a some-more unpredictable,
the better.”

Simon Porte Jacquemus 

“He plays with figure and volume in a unequivocally engaging way, though it never compromises a woman’s figure,” says Erlanger of Paris-based Jacquemus, whom she detected on Instagram. She afterwards “ordered a garland of his stuff” online in sequence to try it for herself. “His shapes are unequivocally unique, though they were unequivocally flattering,” she says of a 27-year-old designer. “He’s holding a lady as a delicate template, and observant that she can be so many opposite things now,” says Ehrlich, “and that we can go out of a comfort and a proportions of classical sauce to demeanour really, unequivocally beautiful.”

Gabriela Hearst

“She’s a woman, and she designs for a woman,” says Erlanger of a Uruguay-born, New York-based engineer whose namesake tag is usually 2 years old. “Her tailoring is impeccably finished and her workmanship is divine. There’s something unequivocally critical about bargain figure and fit and structure, and she nails it. Her work isn’t overly complicated; it’s not perplexing to be anything some-more than what it is, and it’s so beautifully done. You wish to wear her garments — women wish to wear her clothes.”

Yacine Aouadi

“His work is unique, fresh, engaging and beautiful,” says Stewart, who was so taken by Marseille-born, Paris-based engineer Aouadi’s entrance couture collection, she plucked a dress from a runway for Cate Blanchett. “He had a uncover OUTSIDE a Chanel uncover in Paris to squeeze a editors who would stop by — we stopped by!” says Stewart of how she detected a then-unknown designer. “Cate has a good eye for pattern and a eagerness to take risks, we knew she would be adult for it,” says Stewart of a “tattoo” dress Blanchett wore to a premiere in
New York.

Guy Laroche

Recently allocated artistic executive Richard René has breathed new life into a storied French tag founded in 1957. “What he offers is this clean, sleek, unequivocally feminine, though unequivocally worldly and intelligent sensibility,” says Ehrlich of René’s new-look Laroche. “This is for a lady who likes purify classics, and is spooky with tailoring. It’s sexy, though usually a right volume of sexy. To me, if Helmut Newton had a uniform, they would all be wearing Guy Laroche. we have a conformation lined adult for one of my girls, that she’ll be wearing soon.”

Prabal Gurung

“I’ve always favourite his turn on things,” says Stewart of a New York-based, Nepal-born engineer whose star has been usually rising. “I bond with him on a personal level, his politics are mine, he operates like we do.” Gurung’s been regulating his flourishing height to disciple for change. Some of Stewart’s favorite Gurung moments embody Gal Gadot during a VMAs (pictured above), “many moments with Jessica Chastain” and Jan Jones during a Emmys in 2014. “They are such a good match,” records Stewart of Gurung and Jones, “both a small off a beaten path.”


“What we adore about Y/Project is that it’s unpredictable,” says Ehrlich of a Parisian tag helmed by Belgian Glenn Martens. “It’s about display sexy, though voluptuous in a unequivocally indeterminate way. There’s an comprehension to it. It’s about unequivocally clean, unequivocally specific lines, and it’s about layers, and it’s about being daring. These are pieces for a lady who unequivocally knows who she is. When we wear a code like Y/Project, you’re not looking to enter a room and disappear; we wish to unequivocally mount out.”

Vivetta Ponti

“Vivetta is phenomenal; she has a couture craftsmanship and indicate of view,” says Erlanger of Milan-based Ponti. “It’s unequivocally fun and out there and infrequently that’s what we need — a good sip of intrepid fashion.” The tag founded in 2009 usually recently garnered general attention. “I haven’t even had a possibility to ask it nonetheless since it’s usually come on my radar in a final integrate of months. But I’m happy to have detected her work.”

Esteban Cortázar

Since relaunching in 2012, a Bogotá-born, Paris-based engineer has captivated a multitude of A-list fans, including Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett. Of a demeanour Blanchett wore to a premiere of “Carol” in London, Stewart says she has “an unabiding adore for how Cate looked in that dress.” Cortázar, who was a youngest engineer to uncover during New York conform week, during 18, is enjoying a renaissance. “I have a impulse entrance adult I’m unequivocally vehement for, kicking off endowment season.” Stewart says she and Cortázar “bonded over a mutual adore of donuts.”


“I’m so drawn to a shapes, and a use of materials and sequins and patterns,” says Erlanger of Attico, launched by Italian street-style stars Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio final year. Though usually a year old, a Milanese “It” girls are quick turn “It” designers. “It’s a unequivocally engaging take on women’s wear,” says Erlanger, who hasn’t nonetheless had an event to dress her clients in Attico. “Not for miss of trying, that’s for sure. They’re in such high demand, and there’s one representation set to go around!”

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