Rick Owens: Subhuman, Inhuman, Superhuman

Rick Owens: ‘you are called a cult engineer when we are renouned – though never unequivocally strike a status of a large time,’ Rick told me about his Milan muster during a Triennale – on until 25 March.

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From dim to light, into a prolonged room where high windows irradiate draped white dresses, while these ease classics face off a incipient curl of earth that winds a approach above a curving space. Welcome to a Rick Owens world!

“I like seemly shapes and seemly forms, though also to be as barbarous and wanton as possible,” says a designer, whose initial demeanour behind during his oeuvre, from cult wardrobe to camel-leather feet stools, is on arrangement during La Triennale di Milano.

Rick Owens is a initial to highlight a significance in his life and humanities of his partner Michèle Lamy, who designed a stools malleable with camel hair. Part of a muster during Triennale di Milano.

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“Subhuman, Inhuman, Superhuman” (until 25th Mar 2018) is a warring pretension given to a initial full uncover of a engineer who came from America’s West Coast, changed to Paris in a new millennium and, with his artistic mother Michèle Lamy, has built a powerful, unnerving and plain business. His subsequent men’s conform uncover will take place in Paris on 18th January.

Rick Owens with his mother and mostly associate artistic partner, a engineer Michèle Lamy

At age 56, and carrying perceived a 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award by a CFDA (Council of Fashion Designer of America), Owens deserves an in-depth museum study. But, in annoy of a clever partnership with a Triennale and a unrestrained of Eleonora Fiorani, a Curator of a Fashion Department, this collection of unusual pieces is unequivocally Rick’s possess show. He will applaud it with an all-night celebration in Milan during a weekend.

‘I would lay a black festive turd on a white landscape of conformity.’ Rick Owen in his possess difference – that he now describes as ‘shamelessly bombastic’ – 20 years ago

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“Oh my integrity me. Boy, was it designed out!” Rick says. “First of all, it’s usually a many ideal space. That pleasing Art Deco curve, those high ceilings and a windows during a tip where we can see a treetops… we adore it; it’s usually perfect. We built a indication of it, sculpted a figure and changed around figurines of a pillars and plants. It was unequivocally hands-on and via we kept revelation everybody, ‘The sculpture isn’t large enough!’ Or ‘I’m not certain it will work in a space.’ we told them to supplement additional things to make it some-more brutal, some-more barbarous and some-more raw.”

The opening to a Rick Owens muster during a Triennale in Milan

Some of a pieces do seem raw, furious and roughly intolerable as a matter in a would-be courteous world: a coupler unpeels to exhibit unzipped trousers and thigh-high, thick leather boots – not to discuss hair that falls true though wild, imprisoning a face. The curator points out that a many unusual headpieces are done with tellurian hair and Rick tells me that his possess hair is enclosed in a ominous curl above a heads.

The Rick Owens muster during a Triennale in Milan. His possess hair is enclosed in a outsized organic curl dangling from a ceiling…

The strength of this muster is a event to see in fact creations that we myself saw pass by on a runway, mostly in a organisation (or shall we contend “cult”) display. While a appetite of these Rick Owens shows can be appreciated in a loop of videos during a finish of a Triennale exhibition, a insubordinate peculiarity of his work is gifted in close-up: saying any draped dress, as Fiorani explains, not slithering over a body, though subtly changing a womanlike shape.

Rick Owens on arrangement during Milan’s Triennale. Drape from antiquity to today

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The fabrics themselves, listed in a pamphlet of programme notes, are astonishing mixes of viscose and lambskin or, even for a china stockings, a multiple of “acid lambskin cowhide and merino knit”.

Fiorani describes how these astonishing materials are used, including a knives and forks in dim fabrics and a sleeve that turns into a mask. Such gestures are tangible by Fiorani as “Gothic”.

‘I like seemly shapes and seemly forms – though also as barbarous and wanton as possible,’ says Rick Owens about building his Milan exhibition.

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I tell Rick that a display appears to be reduction of a retrospective and some-more of a extended brush of his work, including a remarkable and astonishing colours he introduced or a occasional counsel shocks in a moulding of men’s wardrobe to combine on a penis.

“To tell we a truth, it’s moving to do an exhibition. It has encouraged me to have some-more aspiration and drive, and it’s a lot of fun,” Owens says, explaining that a museum approached him first, and that nonetheless he has a skill in Venice, Milan “is not a partial of Italy we am formed in”.

The Rick Owens muster during a Triennale in Milan facilities an distorted form that hovers above a whole collection

One of a good strengths of a Rick Owens character is that it has no apparent home territory. Instead, there is a ubiquitous clarity of tender energy. Hence, a display is played out in a multiple of ultra-sophisticated materials with low pattern thoughts.

“He is rethinking a abbreviation of clothing,” Fiorani says. “He is formulating curves where curves are not meant to be, so unequivocally he is reshaping a body. Also he is reshaping a exemplary elements. But he always still keeps one exemplary and executive element, that is customarily a coat.”

Three hand-knitted coats on silk-gazar constructed by plume experts Maison Lemarié for a Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2017 “Walrus” collection

The “deeper meaning” is always an component of Rick Owens’ world. But what, we asked him, desirous his confidant and even puzzling title?

“Subhuman, inhuman, superhuman is a change that we are all perplexing to find between a failures, a successes, and who we wish to be,” Rick explains. “Everything that we am doing is about removing by life, anticipating that change between an aspiration that we am a small bit ashamed of and also this expostulate to contend something certain and make a contribution. This is like an penetrable musing on all of a things we are all going through.”

Both from a Rick Owens Autumn/Winter 2017 “Glitter” collection (the globe headwear on a left is done from tellurian hair)

More than 8,000 visitors have seen a Owens muster given it non-stop final month. What are they expected to take divided from a display that is artistic though not “arty” in a clarity of display garments that are unwearable? Will a internal Milanese conclude a designer’s work as a conform cult?

“You are called a cult engineer when we are renouned though never unequivocally strike a status of a large time,” a engineer says. “Then they call we ‘cult’, that is a humorous thing, though I’m excellent with it. There are people that unequivocally dedicate themselves to it, and we have to acknowledge that this is something that we put out there. we like a suspicion of picking a certain cultured and adhering with it – that’s something we trust in. That kind of cult is about people that are collecting together to applaud certain values, and for me that means a certain volume of inclusivity and kindness, and a gentleness, we think. But once adequate people collect together, they can emanate a shutting wall to other people. So what started out as thorough ends adult being exclusive.”

Silver Springblades from a Adidas by Rick Owens SS15 “Faun” collection

Certain areas of origination have reached a serve audience. After a partnership with Adidas, Owens has now teamed adult with Birkenstock, bringing a new suggestion to a absolute German brand, both in his designs and his partnership on a “Birkenstock Box”, a mobile sell judgment that rolls into cities like a shipping enclosure on wheels. Its subsequent stop is outward a Rick Owens store in Los Angeles, where it will ring several aspects of a designer: his mindfulness with cult footwear; his long-term impasse in architecture; and his wife’s pattern skills that helped him emanate a box.

Rick Owens’ “Birkenstock Box” – a mobile sell space featuring Owens’ collaborations with Birkenstock, that will be travelling a US this year

“I see a sandals operative unequivocally well,” says Rick. “They have an roughly Art Deco-Biblical look, that is one of my favourite things.”
In Florence during a Pitti Uomo menswear shows a subsequent day, we spoke to Oliver Reichert, Birkenstock’s CEO, about this new collaboration.
“We always have people seeking to do collaborations,” he says. “I tell my team, ‘A partnership is good if one and one is three. If one and one is two, it’s not a collaboration.” You marry somebody if we unequivocally are stronger together. This is what we are looking for. It unequivocally occasionally happens. Rick Owens is one of a designers who brings ideas to a table. His recognition and egghead meditative about a code creates something special.”

The Rick Owens Birkenstock facilities his mindfulness with hairy textures

Whether or not there is a prolonged attribute with a makers of orthopaedic sandals incited select footwear, there is one unwavering partnership in Owens’ life: his attribute with Michèle Lamy. we would favourite to have talked to her about Rick’s exhibition, though she now has her possess joining during Selfridges in London – “Lamyland”, that is open until Mar and focuses on a fighting gym with workshops and events to deliver a powerful, though stylish take on empowerment. It not usually includes a many stylish of musical punch bags, though conveys a glamorous suggestion that underscores a energetic opinion of complicated women.

The strong bandwidth of Rick Owens prophesy – as shown during a Triennale di Milano muster until 25th March.

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“Supposing we were a pugilistic, masculine or womanlike 22-year-old conform tyro who detected your work for a initial time in a Milan exhibition, what greeting would we wish for?” we ask Rick.

“I wish to be for them a approach Salvador Dali or David Bowie was for me,” he replies. “To offer possibilities over what they competence have suspicion before. we wish to say, ‘You could learn so many things. You can unequivocally work outward a box. It is possible. You don’t have to feel cramped or oppressed.’”

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