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As shortly as Kylie Jenner announced that she was rising a makeup collection desirous by her daughter, we became consumed by a storm(i) news. Now, reviews of Kylie Cosmetics’ The Weather collection are in, and a comments are some-more of a solid rainfall than a hailstorm. Although we approaching there to be a bit some-more play with this collection, we consider a final opinion depends on where we are in a eye of a storm.

Fans knew The Weather collection was going to be massive, generally given of all of a hype on amicable media before a launch. Makeup lovers have been clamoring for tinge lately, and all we need to do is check Instagram to see their pleas. Neutral shades have been and will continue to be a staple, yet going into a spring, people are longing some-more clear tones. Before we go into a whole “florals #groundbreaking” debate à la Miranda Priestly, we feel like splendid colors haven’t been outrageous for a past integrate of years. With this collection, Kylie J won a initial turn of rising open colors first, yet did she wow a crowd?

On Feb. 28, Jenner expelled The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette ($44,, a Eye of a Storm Palette ($40,, a Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40,, 3 Matte Lipsticks ($18,, dual sets of Glitter Eyes Duos ($40,, Flash Glitter Gloss ($16,, Lightning Bolt Ultra Glow ($14,, and a Yellow Eyeliner Pot ($14,, and a products are drifting off her website.

I knew a one place we could go after a fallout from a charge was YouTube. Beauty gurus brief all we need to know before we bombard out my tough warranted money.

Nicol Concilio

Whenever a makeup collection launches, we immediately conduct over to beauty YouTuber (and makeup queen) Nicol Concilio’s channel. One of a many critical things that Concilio records in this collection is that a eyeshadow colors have unequivocally small fallout. we beheld in a integrate of reviews that people tended to eschew a pastel Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40,, given a colors don’t demeanour as heated as a Eye of a Storm Palette ($40, “I like that Kylie pennyless out of her neutral tones, and is personification around with some some-more colors, and some different, singular tinge patterns. we would never consider to put these colors in a palette, and we like how these colors look,” says Concilio.

Concilio feels that a line will be beautiful for festival deteriorate looks, that is ideal given Coachella is roughly on us. The highlighter palette is one of her favorites given of a tinge boon (she gives it 3 d*mns up!), and we consider it looks overwhelming on her complexion.


As a lady of color, we was meddlesome to see how a products looked on Shayla aka makeupshayla on YouTube. One thing to take note is that Shayla creates it famous in her video that a colors are routinely not her style. While she feels this is a fun palette, she considers it not unequivocally an bland palette. we consider it depends how we like to wear your makeup.

Shayla comments that a coherence of a Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40, and a Eye of a Storm Palette ($40, aren’t as well-spoken as she expected. She really prefers a Eye of a Storm palette given a shades are hazed and sultry. When she swatched a Calm Before The Storm shades, a tinge boon was a bit unsatisfactory on her darker skin tone. The Glitter Eyes Duos ($40, done adult for that, though. The bold, metallic, glass shadows can be used alone (for a soppy look), or on tip of other shadows. Not usually does Shayla get a many vehement about a duos, yet she creates it famous that a applicator is ideal for cut creases. Amen.

The Flash Glitter Gloss ($16, and The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette ($44, were substantially her slightest favorite products. Upon application, a glisten stood out, yet when she burnished her lips together, a shade faded. With this gloss, it’s best to tip off your lips with it instead of rubbing a product in. As distant as a highlighter palette, a usually reason she gave it a no in her book is due to a dulcet payoff. For everybody out there that prefers a golden, warm-toned highlight, this palette isn’t for you.

Daniel Chinchilla

Daniel Chinchilla, a luminary beauty expert, desired a powdered highlighters given a coherence is soothing and not glittery. He privately doesn’t like shine highlighters, given “they tend to demeanour feign and splinter off.” My favorite thing about Chinchilla’s examination is that he was means to explain since a coherence was a bit off. Shayla remarkable that a eyeshadow palettes were not a well-spoken formula, yet according to Chinchilla that’s given a glisten shades are unequivocally glittery. The matte shades are some-more imbued in a Eye of a Storm Palette ($40,, and a shine shades have some-more boon compared to Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40,

Chinchilla wasn’t a fan of a lax powder highlighter. Instead, he elite a pulpy highlighter given it has some-more pigment, and a lax highlighter is unequivocally flaky. Across a board, a Glitter Eyes Duos ($40, are a hit. He says a coherence is some-more of a “gel glass formula,” yet it stays dry and doesn’t move. If you’re in a marketplace for a new lipstick, he says a Matte Lipsticks ($18, shades are “smooth like butter.”

If we wish to get your hands on The Weather collection, we suggest we strike adult Kylie Cosmetic’s website ASAP. This charge isn’t going to stay around for unequivocally long.

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