Review: Great acting, pleasing set in ‘Mame,’ notwithstanding unbending style

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The epic adventures of a individualist Mame Dennis have a prolonged and sundry history, commencement with a 1955 novel by Patrick Dennis. The novel was so successful that a subsequent year an instrumentation combined by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee seemed on Broadway.

Two years after came a film version, starring Rosalind Russell. The film was nominated for 6 Academy Awards, and Russell, who originated a purpose on theatre and was nominated for a Tony, was also nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe. A decade or so later, a low-pitched was combined out of a same element and now called only “Mame.” That was also done into a film starring an aged Lucille Ball.

Albuquerque Little Theatre has non-stop a 2016-17 Season with a prolongation of “Auntie Mame” destined by artistic executive Henry Avery.

Despite a pleasing set by James W. Johnson and a smashing opening by Roxann Liccione as Agnes Gooch, a prolongation could have been some-more fluid.


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It’s easy to see a interest of a story by a years.

Mame Dennis is an individualist independent vital a furious life in New York City in a 1920s when she is charged with lifting her immature nephew, Patrick, after her hermit dies. The really dusk Patrick arrives, a celebration of extreme celebration and high-flown fashionable speak is during full tilt.

Mame wants to send Patrick to her crony Ralph Devine’s on-going propagandize in Greenwich Village where, like a ancient Greek gymnasium, students don’t wear clothes. When Devine hears that Patrick had been study during a Latin School in Chicago, he groans, in such a propagandize “they build a wall of lifeless encyclopedias around a id.”

At a party, Mame says, “Oh, a journey of frame a new small life.” While she wants to give a child a on-going education, his trustee, a landowner Mr. Babcock, insists on a some-more regressive upbringing, that in this box means “restricted and exclusive.” Restricted in what he is authorised to know and exclusively among a rich, Protestant and white. Thus a dispute of a play, a quarrel for a essence of Patrick, is established.

There is most to suggest in Lara Dale’s opening as Auntie Mame, though during times, there is too most aspect of gesticulate and mannerism. This is a problem with a uncover some-more generally: A unbending and synthetic comic personification character gets in a approach of a some-more liquid character that competence have grown organically in rehearsal.

The character affects a pacing as well, generally in a final act when a comparison Patrick’s fiancee’s upper-crust relatives revisit Mame in her home. Written as silly farce, a stage drags on too long. Including a intermission, a uncover runs about 3 hours.

James W. Johnson has combined a pleasing art deco vital space finish with modernist art, and there are some excellent performances. Roxann Licionne is waggish as Mame’s secretary Agnes Gooch and David Nava is also good as Mr. Babcock. In a bit of inventive double casting, Nava is also expel in a purpose of a marred aged abounding woman, Mrs. Burnside.

“Auntie Mame” is personification by Sept. 11. Visit or call 242-4750 for reservations.

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