Relaunch of a MEXX Fashion Brand

Global conform code MEXX is behind and today launches its new Spring/Summer 18 mini collection, giving a markets a clear signal about its new products and code positioning. The collection will be available to consumers through and in existing stores in Greece and CIS countries where MEXX has maintained distribution. MEXX has successfully presented a some-more extensive Fall 18 collection to its sell partners, which will be followed by the Winter 18 collection in April. In terms of distribution, MEXX will focus on e-commerce and expanding its retail operations in several countries, mainly in Europe.

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The Spring/Summer 18 mini collection includes conform for men, women and children. A extensive shoes collection will follow after this summer. Spring 19 will be a full 100% code launch with a formation of accessories and bags, ensuing in a full lifestyle product offer with a transparent MEXX signature and code DNA.

A collection desirous by city lifestyles 

The new MEXX collection has been designed for a intelligent civic veteran – a worldly city dweller, who enjoys good peculiarity and good design. MEXX will offer a consumers a relevant, multi-category, city-inspired brand. Besides clothing, a code will also rise comprehensive, contemporary collections of footwear, bags, underwear and accessories. With a relaunch, MEXX has a eyes resolutely set on apropos a heading code in a upper-low segment, positioned only underneath Massimo Dutti.

For fragrances, MEXX will continue a tellurian success with a looseness partner Coty Inc.

Distribution and channel approach

E-commerce is one of a top priorities in MEXX’s placement strategy. Substantial investments have been done to rise and work MEXX’s possess e-commerce platform. MEXX will also group adult with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and a OTTO Group to expostulate e-commerce sales.

As for earthy distribution, MEXX has started to build adult frontline organisations and nation partnerships by a de-centralised marketplace approach. This is directed only during markets where MEXX has been benefaction for some-more than 25 years and hence advantages from a high code recognition as good as a chronological consumer base.

The categorical channel concentration is on tranquil placement by authorization and dialect store environments, vital multi-brand sequence stores and a singular series of smaller stand-alone multi-brand stores. City classifications and intensity marketplace share will of march be taken into comment in rolling out this strategy.

From Fall 2018, MEXX will relaunch a code in sell in Canada, France, Austria and the Netherlands. Belgium, Germany, a Middle East, a Russian Federation and Egypt are designed for Spring 19. The relaunch will be upheld by opening flagship stores in Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich starting from Spring 19 onwards. Possible marketplace entries in India and China during a march of 2019/2020 are being discussed.

An critical component of a relaunch is a new, innovative, minimalistic and contemporary store and SIS judgment designed by one of a world’s heading architects, BOFFI DESIGN. MEXX will revoke their box formats to a 200-square-metre lifestyle box for tranquil distribution.

The MEXX brand 

The many essential elements are re-capturing a DNA of a code and a MEXX pattern signature – intelligent and contemporary, focusing on a 25+ general consumer base. The code will bond with a aim marketplace in an authentic, worldly and fortifying approach to expostulate longer-term relations with a consumers. Brand communication will be focused on amicable media (Facebook and Instagram) and sell channels (POS materials).

MEXX is an authentic code with a particular positioning, clever birthright as well as tellurian code awareness to leverage. We are unapproachable and vehement to work on the revival of a brand. We see measureless intensity for MEXX to play a rarely applicable purpose in todays fashion landscape, says Leo Cantagalli, CEO of MEXX International.

About MEXX International 

MEXX International B.V., shaped in Drunen, the Netherlands, was founded in August 2017 by a dual owners of RNF Holding, Ron Janssen and Ferry Helmer. RNF is a Dutch holding association for footwear, conform accessories and attire companies. In further to his purpose in RNF Holding, Ferry Helmer will be rarely concerned in pushing a MEXX code and business forward.

MEXX International B.V. acquired only a tellurian IP of a MEXX code from a Turkish Eroğlu Holding and has started from a ground-zero status. The company’s goal is to build a successful MEXX code globally by desirous product design, glorious store/online practice and glorious marketing.

MEXX International B.V. has allocated and concluded a government buy-in with 3 comparison executives from MEXX’s heyday to relaunch a brand, namely Leo Cantagalli (CEO), Nur Basaran (Brand Director) and Jacques Mitterand (CFO/COO). MEXX International B.V. is expanding fast and putting a resources in place to build a successful tellurian brand.

The MEXX story 

The MEXX code has a roots in a 1970s. It all started with conform engineer Rattan Chadha and his business partner Adu Advaney who granted private tag garments to dialect and indiscriminate stores in the Netherlands. By 1980, this had resulted in a origination of dual obvious Dutch wardrobe brands – Moustache for group and Emanuelle for women. The dual brands joined in 1986 to emanate MEXX, with a association name entrance from M (from Moustache) and E (from Emanuelle), and XX (an shortening for “Kiss! Kiss!”). The code achieved income of over $1 billion. The tellurian IP of MEXX was acquired by a newly shaped MEXX International B.V. shaped in the Netherlands in August 2017.


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