#RelationshipGoals: See The Matching Sneakers Selena Gomez …

Are we thinking, “Aww, immature adore on a private jet *swoon*”? Unfortunately we are distant some-more asocial so we’re going to mangle down what’s indeed going down in this photo.

For starters, it’s an advertisement. The shoes that a integrate is *coincidentally* #twinning in only so happens to be Abel’s new collection with Puma. Interesting…

To a untrained eye, this print might unlawful an comfortable and hairy feels though to us cloyed cynics, we know a messaging is indeed some-more sinister than it appears. They wish we and your bae to buy these new sneaks ASAP!

But a shade of this #sponcon unequivocally is only that dual buzzy celebs, both with massive, despite different, followings, occupy one another to precedence their code partnerships. 

What this print is ostensible to look like: immature millionaires in love.

What this print actually is: an announcement for The Weeknd’s Puma collaboration, a Parallel sneakers, that dump on Oct 26.

You’re acquire in allege for the unnecessarily in-depth analysis.

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