Referee Roy Clymer belongs in a Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

Roy Clymer was officiating an OSU-Wichita State diversion decades ago. He called it a knockdown dragout, and Cowboy manager Paul Hansen was going nuts.

Yes, that’s right. The ultimate gentleman, everybody’s No. 1 collect for a all-time nicest male in Oklahoma sports, a manager who to this day Clymer calls a “great, good man,” was berating a referees.

During a blocking in play, Clymer walked over to Hansen and said, “Paul, a usually thing we know is we contingency be doing a terrible job, since I’ve never famous we to act like this. You’re one of a excellent group I’ve ever known.”

Hansen never pronounced another word.

Great officials don’t usually know how to hoop a game. They know how to hoop people.

And Roy Clymer was a good official. A 14-year NFL behind decider who called playoff games each deteriorate of his career solely his first. A long-time NCAA basketball arbitrate who was picked for a 1978 Final Four and called a Duke-Kentucky championship game.

Unassuming. Don’t know he’s there until we need him. That’s an accurate outline of Clymer a ref and Clymer a man.

“I followed his career a prolonged time,” pronounced long-time Oklahoma central Guy Hayes of Enid, who now is a good crony of Clymer. “I consider he called ’em a small bit tighter than they do now. He was firm. He was a form of guy, we didn’t know he was in a gym. Really modest.”

So modest, Clymer scoffs during a thought that he belongs in a Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Even yet he does. The Hall has no officiating representatives. That should change. Without a guys in a striped shirts, there are no games. And Clymer competence be a best striped shirt in Oklahoma history.

Clymer, now late and vital in Edmond, grew adult in Drumright, played on good high propagandize basketball teams and perceived a grant in 1956 to New Mexico State, where he played in a aged Border Conference.

Clymer afterwards went to work in Tulsa and started assisting out pursuit games during a YMCA in 1962. He was talked into perplexing high propagandize officiating in a towns around Tulsa and fast rose adult a ranks.

“They had a unequivocally good officials organization,” Clymer said. “They’d take immature guys in and assistance ‘em get started. It was a good ride.”

By 1970, he was pursuit Big Eight basketball games. A few years later, he combined Big Eight football games, fasten a few other dual-sport officials for a conference.

Prominent officials Pat Haggerty and Ben Dreith speedy Clymer to request to a NFL, and he was hired in 1980.

But here’s how good Clymer was. That same year, he got a pursuit offer from a NBA.

Clymer had a preference to make. By then, he was an executive with Oklahoma Natural Gas. Clymer chose a NFL, that was some-more concordant with his municipal career and his family. His son suffered from kidney disease, and Clymer’s wife, Shirley, had donated a kidney to their son.

Clymer stayed with a NFL for 14 years.

“I wished we had left forward and stayed another 3 or four,” Clymer said. “Our son was doing good, yet he was requiring some some-more help. It was a good time for me. The (ONG) pursuit was some-more demanding. we had a good run. The usually partial of it we usually hated, we never got good adequate to get to a Super Bowl,” yet he worked several discussion championship games.

“I skip it from a standpoint it was something we desired to do. But it got to be some-more than we could hoop time wise. we skip a people.”

Those people supposing memories to final a lifetime.

Don Shula: “Kind of a headstrong male to work for, yet many of those guys in a NFL, a conduct coaches, they were awful busy. They were coaching. If anybody gave us trouble, it was a partner manager reserved to do that. You usually never let them do that really long.”

Bud Grant: “He was flattering tough to work for. Never most difficulty during a game. It was always before. He’s a good manager also.”

Bum Phillips: “You speak about one good guy. He was a heck of a character. And a good man.”

Tom Landry: “He was what he acted like he was. A good man. Never gave anybody most trouble.”

Norm Stewart: “Norm didn’t like me all that well. He would take me when it came to a tough game, though.”

Ted Owens: “Ted was another one, not usually a good coach, yet a good man. He would provide we like a gentleman. That’s about all we could ask.”

Clymer total that football was substantially easier to call. “Simply for a standpoint, there’s not a throng pressure,” Clymer said. “Everybody thinks they know all about basketball. Football, some of them have a few questions. Both of ‘em were exciting. Some of those gymnasiums, like Oklahoma State, a aged OU barn, they were sitting right down in your lap. If we skip one or two, everybody knew about it and they told we about it.”

Clymer admits he still gets a eagerness this time of year, when a ballgames start and a whistles blow. When fans and coaches can’t live with a officiating yet low down know they can’t live but it.

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