Reebok Adds a Chunky, Jagged Sole to a Classic Leather Double

Reebok has assimilated in on a height sneaker trend debuting a Classic Leather Double in off-white. The renouned ’90s conformation is built onto a thick, angled solitary that is ideal for a arriving cold weather.

The top is lonesome in a full-grain leather that is well-spoken to a touch. A brew of “Chalk” and “Bare Beige” tones are churned via a form; a fact minimalist will love. Its solitary is not only for appearances, it also provides long-lasting. Pair this sneaker with a friendly athleisure demeanour or wear it to a bureau with a neat blazer.

Find your distance during Reebok now on sale for $95 USD and let us know your thoughts below.

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