Ray-Ban MoneySaving tips including £70 span around 25% off code

Online eyeglasses retailers, such as Glasses Direct*, sell branded medication eyeglasses mostly during ignored prices. When we buy a span of medication eyeglasses online, we generally select a frames and afterwards supplement in a specific lens form that you’d like.

One approach to get a cheaper span of Ray-Ban sunglasses is to buy medication Ray-Ban eyeglasses frames and supplement in coloured lenses. Most sites will concede we to enter a medication of ‘zero’ or ‘plano’, so that they only come with plain potion lenses.

An instance of this is with a span of Ray-Ban Aviator glasses. In a picture below, a span on a left are medication Ray-Ban Aviator glasses frames from Glasses Direct. These cost £111, and £10 for coloured lenses, definition a sum of £121. The span on a right are Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses frames, that cost a sum of £127. 

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