Queer Punk Band Space Camp Carving Out Its Own Scene …

One night a members of Space Camp — drummer Sam Usifer, bassist Cameron Lovett and keyboard actor Jun Violet Aino — were requisitioned to play during an American Legion in Connecticut.

They installed in. “This dude from a bar was fundamentally heckling us,” Usifer says. “We customarily dress like freaks during a show. He was kind of giving us a tough time for it.”

Space Camp is a queer, punk-leaning, difficult rope from South Windsor. “Force Femmed” (Howling Frequency Records), a band’s second full-length album, came out final summer. The whole thing is a small some-more than 17 mins long.

Part of a bar-dude’s plan concerned removing Lovett to join in — to gibe his possess bandmates for wearing uncanny clothes.

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