Putting (Israel’s) Best Foot Forward

It’s a solitary of a Jewish state.

The vast black-and-white cinema of group on an Israeli organisation creation shoes, Israeli song personification over a store’s orator complement and a vast antique sewing appurtenance in a front window advise that this new store in Woodbury, L.I., isn’t any typical shoe store.

The Jericho Turnpike emporium is a initial incursion into a U.S. marketplace for Naot Footwear, a shoe association started on Kibbutz Naot Mordechai in 1942; it non-stop a doors here in October. The association currently is Israel’s largest shoe manufacturer.

“The thought of this store is to uncover Israel in a totally opposite way,” pronounced Steve Lax, a company’s CEO. “Israel is deliberate a start-up nation, though here we are doing something with boots that is not high-tech though innovative and wonderful.”

Picking adult a shoe, he afterwards explained how these boots are done to “mold to a wearer’s foot, formulating a personal orthotic. The disproportion between us and any other shoe association is that when we initial put on their shoes, it is a best it is going to feel. With us, it gets improved with time. We use a cork and latex brew for a insole along with a latex pad so it feels 1,000 times some-more gentle than a competitors.

“They are designed to put reduction highlight on your physique — your knees and back. If we are on your feet all day, we make your feet feel improved than a massage.”

The association started out creation sandals exclusively. In a 1980s, it began creation some-more select sandals and now has 700 styles and colors. It also began creation shoes. Men’s boots sell for about $200; a women’s collection ranges from $120-$199.

Naot sandals are infrequently called “Israeli Birkenstocks,” since a strange hippy-esque demeanour and cork insole pattern were identical to a German brand. While Birkenstock has done some moves toward producing some-more select boots — including hosting a intemperate eventuality during French Fashion Week final summer — Naot’s pierce from ‘fugly’ to select has been broader; a code even offers 28 varieties of high heeled shoes. 

Before he bought a association 5 years ago, Lax had been a distributor, “working out of a groundwork of my condo in Woodbury.”

He started in 1988 as a company’s distributor in a Northeast and after stretched to a rest of a nation.

“I did 60 percent of a company’s worldwide business,” Lax said.

“We tell a story of a organisation in a story on a wall. It tells how we have Muslims, Christians, Ethiopians, Africans, Russians, Orthodox Jews and non-Orthodox Jews all operative together as a family to make these shoes. We call ourselves a Naot worldwide family, and we are really unapproachable to have combined all these jobs.”

At a organisation today, Lax said, there are 1,000 people creation a boots and in a West Bank city of Hebron there are 1,000 Palestinians operative to stitch together a top partial of a shoe to a base.

“There are 6 or 7 factories in Hebron and since they are owned by a Palestinians themselves, BDS [the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement] has left us alone since we are formulating jobs for Palestinians,” he said. Naot is still listed on a few BDS protest lists, however, including a Vermonters for Justice in Palestine site.

“Fifty souls hold any shoe, and they are from all over a world. It takes us about one month to make a shoe since there are so many processes involved. … We make 1 million pairs of boots a year. Our idea is to have boots for any need, for those from 12 to 97 years old. … Last year a sandals won a attention endowment for best sandal comfort in a U.S. And we won a inhabitant endowment for a best businessman of a year, reflecting patron service, product availability, shipping and sales.”

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