Puma Speed 300 Racer 2 – 2020 Lightweight Running Shoes

The RW Takeaway: Experience a lightweight, enterprising float in Puma’s Speed 300 Racer 2.

  • Propulsion image in a midsole provides rebound
  • Lightweight, semi-translucent upper
  • Very small cushioning

    Price: $110
    Drop: 14mm (M), 15mm (W)
    8.9 oz (M), 7.1 oz (W)

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    Everything about Puma’s Speed 300 Racer 2 caters to speed demons, from a ProPlate in a midsole to a semi-translucent, lightweight upper. The ProPlate, a cosmetic V-shaped plate, is a primary member that adds thrust to your run. The ProFoam midsole promotes miscarry nonetheless offers minimal cushioning to catch impact.

    The shoe is for a specific category of runners not disposed to injury, with skilful footwork in a after widen of prolonged runs as a shoe offers small support in terms of stability. If late conflict overpronation hinders your stride, I’d advise we to watch your balance late in a diversion in a Speed 300 2. The ProFoam offers usually adequate stuffing for protection, though runners with supportive joints, as good as Clydesdales, might find a shoe too barebones as an bland or marathon trainer.

    But there are outliers. One tester pronounced a shoe would be best for brief stretch using since of a miss of cushioning. “Despite this,” she said, “I was still means to wear them for 10-plus-mile runs though a problem.”

    High Energy Return

    First impressions of a Speed 300 led me to make comparisons with Nike’s Zoom Fly 3, if usually since a shoe’s semi-translucent top reminds me of a likewise unclouded Zoom Fly’s. Interestingly, a shoe lab shows a Speed 300 Racer 2 delivers aloft appetite lapse than Nike’s shoe in both a paw and heel, in annoy of a carbon-fiber image encased in a Zoom Fly’s midsole.


    What a Puma shoe lacks, however, is snap. The RW Shoe Lab formula uncover high coherence with really small cushioning, generally in a forefoot. we wouldn’t wear this shoe for a marathon, though we would cruise it for lane workouts.

    “This shoe really would be improved for shorter runs and speedwork,” pronounced a tester who has run in a identical Brooks Hyperion and a plusher and stiffer Karhu Ikoni Ortix. “There was small cushioning and it felt like it had a flattering organisation base.”


    Concerning Stability

    Besides adding propulsion, a ProPlate also serves as a midfoot stabilizer to yield “torsional rigidity,” according to Puma. Testers didn’t find a problem with stability, during slightest in terms of fit. There was no discuss of feet sliding, and a tongue and heel collar done a shoe fit comfortability snug.

    I did notice on my runs some ankle rolling when a aspect became disproportionate or we couldn’t equivocate potholes on a road. Traction was also adequate, though we felt reduction assured on soppy surfaces, as did a testers.

    “I didn’t have any issues with traction, though we positively would not report them as grippy,” pronounced one. “I would not suggest them for soppy cement or sand surfaces as we consider they would trip often.”

    puma speed 300 2

    More Tester Feedback

    Danielle Zickl, RW Health and Fitness Editor
    Arch: Medium | Gait: Normal | Footstrike: Midfoot
    “I tested this shoe mostly on roads, though a bit on a treadmill and a bit on a sand trail during a gait around 9:45 mins per mile. The shoes’ traction was good in a rain, however, they aren’t water-resistant, and on a cold days my feet were a bit cold. That said, we did like a light weight and light cushioning of a shoe, and we didn’t feel like a shoe hindered my using during all.”

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