Predicting Where NBA’s Top Free Agents Sign This Summer …

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    Current Team: Los Angeles Clippers

    The Clippers got what they could for Paul final summer and somehow, incredibly, punted on Blake Griffin after they sealed him to a calamity deal. Granted, they’re obliged for that egregiously bad contract, though shouldn’t we applaud a team’s eagerness to investigate a situation, acknowledge it got it wrong and retreat course?

    Point is, these Clippers, led in some ability by Jerry West and, critically, not led by Doc Rivers in a crew department, feel rationally cutthroat (in a good way).

    That relates to DeAndre Jordan, who’ll find it formidable to authority large offers if he opts out. Capela is younger and better. Cousins has larger upside. He’s a third-best core on a market—at best.

    So, Los Angeles can play hardball but it ostensible like a bluff. The Clips have already shown us they’ll call goodbye to confirmed talent around trade, so Jordan has to know they’ll do it in giveaway group if they have to.

    More broadly, Los Angeles isn’t going to spend on an old-school center’s post-prime career. That means Jordan is going to land someplace else, and a Mavericks, who came strong tighten to securing his services in 2015, feel like a best bet.

    They’re still a uncanny brew of vets and immature players, and Jordan would be a excellent pick-and-roll partner for Dennis Smith Jr., holding vigour off a indicate ensure by sketch courtesy as he rumbles down a lane.

    Let’s call it a two-year understanding value $40 million. That ought to be adequate to clear him opting out of a final year and $24.1 million left on his contract.

    Future Team: Dallas Mavericks

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