Prada redefines childish magnificence with unusual flair

MILAN — Youthful designers injected appetite into a third day Sunday of Milan Fashion Week menswear previews for subsequent open and summer.

While a topics of generational and artistic change during some of a most-established Milan conform houses were using in a background, immature brands forged out their possess space to grow by their possess rules.

Some highlights from Sunday’s shows, including Milan buttress Prada alongside younger brands Palm Angels, MSGM, Sunnei and Korean newcomers BESFXXK.



Miuccia Prada says she was “trying to do superb in a new immature way” with her latest menswear collection.

At Prada, immature does not interpret to streetwear, even if there were sneakers. The new cosmetic block heading on scarcely each garment, including a folded turtle neck, was particularly an mocking answer to prevalent trends.

Against prior intentions, superb during Prada translated into voluptuous — i.e. brief shorts for group — and during times witty — vast pressed flier hats done for summer notwithstanding a decidedly wintery earflaps, mostly in Prada’s heading black vinyl.

“I never conspicuous voluptuous in my life. we never wanted Prada to be sexy,” though frankly embraced a idea as a rest of a conform universe seemed to conflict sexiness in preference of boxy transport looks, a engineer said.

“You know we am a bit of a contrarian,” she said.

The looks amounted to elementary brew and match, covering or not: Straight trousers, turtle necks, shirts and jackets, and a short-shorts, that Prada called “a miniskirt” for men. Materials enclosed denim and suede. The colors were mostly neutrals.

There was a somewhat surprising feel to daisy imitation shirts and illusory scenes that conjured a charcterised film chronicle of a Beatles’ ”Yellow Submarine.”

Underlining a message, Prada nude a salon bare, put pure cosmetic sheets on a wall and sat guest on inflatable pure cubes.

“Sometimes, it is good to go behind to elementary things,” she said.



Francesco Ragazzi’s America-inspired transport conform brand, Palm Angels, had all a codes of a latest trends: neon flashes, thick-soled sneakers, brief gym shorts, technical load pants.

But a 32-year-old engineer underlined a oppulance in a code with details. The gym shorts were suede and had orange trim. Shorts and a baby blue tip with pompous sleeves came with pull sting.

The boots enclosed cowboy boots embellished with a Stars and Stripes, a ideal accompaniment to a jumpsuit in a bald eagle-American dwindle print.

A striped tag ragged opposite a chest, apparently contracting a tip arms, was an accessory, not partial of a garment, as was done pure when a indication sported one bare- chested. The looks were tagged as most as branded, with neon tags unresolved from pockets. Tiny goggles with colored lenses total an civic edge.



Massimo Giorgetti’s MSGM collection for subsequent open and summer recalls his childish 1980s summers in his local Adriatic coastal city of Rimini, a time, a engineer said, when a beach crowds never deserted their conform sense.

And Giorgetti paid loyalty to classical looks of his adopted home in Milan, where he launched his MSGM code 8 years ago.

Giorgetti pronounced he wanted to stress his Italian roots while also injecting a sip of 1980s energy. “It’s a uncover that recharges you,”Giorgetti pronounced backstage.

The 41-year-old engineer done a indicate utterly literally, imitating colorful striking logos from obvious Italian vitamin brands with a MSGM Milano heading on silky button-down shirts. There was a engorgement of 1980s neon colors, splendid florals and prints —from Manga volley-ball personification characters to Roger Minick photographs of tourists.

Rimini is distinguished in slouchy knitwear with a city’s name in rainbow colors, ragged with striped denim shorts layered over longer boxers. But also in a tangerine shorts and orange immature swimming briefs.

For Milan, there were tie-dye knits over colorful imitation thigh-baring short, jeans and color-block hoodies, and pin-striped suits with palm tree shadows and a rope heading on a back.



Designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina showed their Sunnei tag opposite a backdrop of a Milan skyline as seen from a 31st building of Gio Ponti’s famed Pirelli Tower. It was an aspirational location, reflected in a invitation that showed a building from next in a mistake smart-phone snap — a perspective a designers have from their studio.

But a sophisticated, architectural designs were a healthy fit for Gio Ponte’s arched ceilings and geometrically tiled floors, and showed a designers have really arrived. The collection enclosed for a initial time women’s looks alongside a menswear, and a designers pronounced they found a healthy interplay.

“They pronounce a same language. For us, group and women change little. Unfortunately, we have to specify it. But for us it is a same thing,” Rizzo said.

The looks were purify and sharp, with a concentration on balmy comfort. The tone taste was soothing, from dark blue, sea green, cream and gray equivalent by orange and red.

Parachute pants worked for him and for her, interconnected with weave cropped tops for her or an oversized jersey hoodie for him.

Her pure anorak with orange pull strings gave a sporty hold to an orange terry cloth dress with an asymmetrical hemline. His anorak facilities a notched collar and doubles as a fit coupler with wide-legged cropped pants.

He wore a ragged leather vest with application pockets with lax jeans and a floppy margin hat, while she wore it with slim dress with load pockets. He carried a vast transport bag, hers was a rectilinear purse, as a designers also presented a full operation of accessories including wavy height boots and elementary sneakers, sunglasses and headbands.

“It is a healthy prolongation of a code that we have always presented,” Rizzo said. “Our idea is not to change a mood for character from deteriorate to season, though to grow, enhance a categories.”



South Korean newcomers to Milan, Jae Hyuk Lim and Bona Kim, denounced their BESFXXK code that mixes Japanese textiles with American street-styling from a 1980s and British tailoring.

The surprising name combines a idea of bespoke designs with a some-more ungodly transport looks.

The 33-year-old designers aggressively deconstruct and recompose bland panoply for their total menswear and womenswear collection, like sweatshirts and ditch coats.

So a tip for him is stoical of a T-shirt and a jean coupler sewn together, while hers is a man’s collared shirt on one side and an radiant white woman’s shirt on a other. Trench coats underline asymmetrical hems. Or can be remade into a dress for her, a arms of it wrapped around a waist as a healthy belt.

“It is not only a brew of dual opposite elements, it is a brew of cultures,” Lim said.


This story has been nice to scold a spelling of Miuccia Prada’s name.

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