Paula La Croix doppelganger for supermodel Gisele Bündchen …

  • Supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, 37, has a doppelganger in teen, Paula La Croix, 16
  • The teenage indication from Brazilian and Italian birthright has an supernatural likeness
  • Paula has oral about Gisele before, citing her as an ‘inspiration’ to her
  • The span share relating tortoiseshell hair colour, and bombshell waves

Sophie Haslett For Daily Mail Australia



One is one of a world’s many pleasing and successful models.

The other is a teenage modelling star from Brazilian and Italian heritage, with a cult following all of her own.

And while on paper, these dual personalities competence not seem similar, when we demeanour during their photographs, it’s easy to see a distinguished similarity between Paula La Croix, 16, and Gisele Bündchen, 37. 

Paula La Croix (pictured), 16, is a indication who is frequently being compared to general supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, 37, online

Gisele (pictured) assigned a position of a highest-paid indication in a universe for fifteen years, before Kendall Jenner overtook her

Both Paula (pictured) and Gisele share identical facilities – including tortoiseshell hair colour, bombshell waves and distinguished features 

From their relating tortoiseshell hair colour to their identical bombshell-like waves and hulk almond-shaped eyes, a dual demeanour as if they come from a same family, rather than merely pity a same nationality.

They even share a same athletic, high toned support and clever features. 

This is something that Paula is frequently reminded of on her own Instagram profile, where she boasts an considerable 258,000 supporters who criticism on a supernatural similarity roughly daily.

The span – who both come from Brazilian birthright – even share a same athletic, high toned support and clever facilities (pictured: Paula)

Paula (pictured) described being compared to Gisele as ‘simply amazing’ – though pronounced she wants to carve out her ‘own path’ as a indication too

‘Being compared to Gisele is an honour, she is simply amazing,’ Paula formerly told Yahoo Lifestyle.

‘I trust a comparison has usually generated good things due to my opinion on it.’

The sixteen-year-old also combined that she is ‘of march inspired’ by Gisele, predominantly interjection to her ‘resilience and confidence’.

But, she said, she doesn’t review herself ‘as we are both unique’ and she wants to ‘create my possess path’.

As good as attending school, a gifted teen has seemed on a catwalk during a Grinko conform uncover during Milan Fashion Week (pictured)

Paula (pictured) pronounced she would adore to work with some large brands in a future, like Gucci or Victoria’s Secret

Gisele (pictured on a catwalk) worked  with Victoria’s Secret between 1999 and 2006

Countless supporters on Paula’s Instagram page tell her how most she looks like a Brazilian supermodel

While a gifted teen is already enjoying whirlwind modelling success, Paula also continues to attend propagandize and is prioritising her preparation as good as her modelling career.

She recently seemed in a Grinko uncover during Milan Fashion Week, that was usually one arise on that people commented on her correspondence to Gisele.

She has pronounced in a past she harbours ambitions to work with large brands like Gucci and Victoria’ Secret, as Gisele herself did between 1999 and 2006.

For scarcely fifteen uninterrupted years – and adult until late 2017 – Gisele surfaced Forbes’ list as a highest-paid indication in a world.

She was usually final year defeated by It lady of a moment, Kendall Jenner. 

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