Panty burglar creates off with roughly $1700 value from Victoria’s Secret in Rock Hill

Rock Hill military are looking for a male who allegedly stole roughly $1,700 value of women’s underwear.

According to a military report, an worker during Victoria’s Secret in a Rock Hill Galleria selling mall saw a male travel into a store and squeeze 100 span of panties value a sum value of $1,650. The male took a panties from a front shelf nearby a opening and left but paying. The employee, who was with another customer, didn’t see a man’s face.

Police are reviewing notice and a box stays open.

South Carolina law puts shoplifting during a misconduct for skill valued adult to $2,000. The assign carries adult to a $1,000 excellent and 30 days in jail. Property during some-more than $2,000 is a transgression with adult to 5 years in prison, or adult to 10 years in jail if a value is larger than $10,000. Both transgression classes lift probable $1,000 fines, too.

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