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So in a interests of being in a know, who is that masked man?

Jenden, who is British and went to Central St. Martin’s and a Royal College of Art, has a story with DVF. He was artistic executive of a code from 2001 to 2010 — he and Von Furstenberg used to take their runway crawl together — when he left to combine on his possess line, that launched in 2005. That didn’t go so well, and many recently he was artistic executive of Bebe.

Meanwhile, DVF also couldn’t settle down but him, going by three designers in a final 7 years.

Now both sides are older, wiser and have presumably satisfied what they missed but a other — that is substantially a good thing in these days of crazy engineer churn. A lot of conform success is contingent on relations (designer with founder, engineer with C.E.O., engineer with pattern studio, code with consumers) and it takes time to build that kind of trust and understanding.

Anyway, adequate with a lectures! Let’s see how it all plays out subsequent month.

For now, we offer a following reads: Amber Tamblyn’s searingly honest Op-Ed about removing dressed for an awards ceremony; an inside demeanour on how a experts pack for a men’s wear season; and a latest, weirdest slogan clothes. Have a good weekend!

Your Style Questions, Answered

Every week on Open Thread, Vanessa will answer a reader’s fashion-related question, that we can send to her anytime around email or Twitter. Questions are edited and condensed.

Q: My son is in college in Maine, and a heat is frequently next zero. It seems like each lady is swathed in an ankle-length black puffer cloak from Nov to March, so because do group have so few choices in outerwear that is knee length or longer? Have we come opposite any knee-length down coats for men? — Amy, Pelham, N.Y.

A: It’s true: Though dress coats strike during a knee and good coats (especially those that are military-inspired in complicated wool) can be even longer, in ubiquitous group got a brief finish of a hang in a coat-length sweepstakes. It’s flattering transparent this is one of those sexist conform things — a prolonged cloak is somehow seen as not manly, unless maybe we live in Russia and it is fur. Because genuine men…have weatherproof legs? Or something.


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Given that all sorts of gender manners are relaxation adult when it comes to wardrobe these days, however, a warmer time might be on a horizon. In a meantime, however, we asked Matthew Schneier, a emissary conform censor (currently in Milan during a shows) for his advice. Here’s what he said:

“Where men’s outerwear is concerned, even a hardiest coats seem to come usually to somewhere above a knee. To exam a theory, we looked around during a operation of brands famous for their tough winter-wear (the North Face, Canada Goose, Moncler, Duvetica, Stone Island) and struck out during each one. Even L.L. Bean (which knows something about Maine winters, being headquartered there!) didn’t offer most that forsaken next a waist. we think it’s that floor-length outerwear is flattering unwieldy, generally where there’s sleet and jelly on a ground, and many group (at a responsibility of their physique temperatures) chafe during a thought of something prolonged adequate to be mistaken for women’s wear.

My solution, for what it’s worth, is to raise on a underlayers. Thermal-wear has come a prolonged approach given a days of complicated waffle weaves in one tone (though we adore those, too). we swear by Uniqlo’s Heattech line, that we wear, tops and bottoms, fundamentally all winter. They’re thinner, softer and warmer than their predecessors, cheaper by distant than a new coat, and they disappear underneath clothes. Friends news that there was a run on them during a New York Uniqlo stores final week when a continue was unlucky here. we wouldn’t know; we sequence mine, as can you, online.” — VANESSA FRIEDMAN

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