Only Kelsey Lu Could Pull Off These Freaky Sock-Sneaker Heels

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Each season, there is nonetheless another approach to spin a classical heel on a head. Whether it’s those Thom Browne mules from his Fall 2017 collection (the heels of that were done like ice movement blades) or those gravity-defying obvious leather boots that miraculously (thanks to some well-executed physics) done their approach down a Saint Laurent runway a really same season, a supposed unpractical heel seems to lapse any few months in constrained new ways. The long-lived doubt that comes with any new span of confounding shoes, though, remains: Who can indeed lift something like that off IRL?

Leave it to sartorial experimentalist Kelsey Lu to lift off a heelless heel. Lu deejayed her live NTS Radio show from Los Angeles in a span of zip-up, socklike tallness sneakers that somehow achieved some critical tallness but a normal heel. She let a strangely shaped, yellow-accented boots sojourn a outfit’s centerpiece, pairing them with some elementary black sweatpants, a tie-dye sweatshirt, and a black leather Telfar cap. If you’re going to get freaky with your heels, take a evidence from Lu and keep a rest of your demeanour comparatively subdued.

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