Olympic Curlers Are Buff Now, and Have a Calendars to Prove It

“I was like, ‘What did we only get myself into?’” McWilliams said.

But curling, a competition that involves regulating brooms to approach a complicated slab stone down a piece of ice, has assimilated a CrossFit age. Phill Drobnick, a manager of a American men, pronounced he suspected that this was a initial Olympics in that each group in a margin had bought into a aptness module in a run-up to a Games.

“In a past, if we were a good shotmaker, we could be flattering good and still be successful,” pronounced Aileen Geving, who plays for a United States women’s team. “But a diversion has gotten so precise: The ice is better, and a players have gotten better. Any bit of corner is going to make a difference. So if aptness is that difference, you’re going to work for it.”

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Joanne Courtney, 28, who is competing for Canada and has a repute as one of a strongest sweepers in a world, has worked with a tutor in Edmonton to supplement flesh mass to her top body. The some-more weight she has over a broom, she said, a some-more downward vigour she can request to a ice.

She also does interlude training — on treadmills and rowing machines — to file her anaerobic aptness and her explosiveness. She does a bulk of her training in a summer.

“That’s where we try to build as most flesh as we presumably can,” she said.

Sweeping is critical since it heats a ice while formulating micro-scratches on a surface, that helps players control for stretch and arena as a stone travels down a sheet.

As for Ulsrud, he pronounced he began to concentration on weight training in his mid-30s as a approach of nutritious his career. He guided a Norwegians to a china award during a 2010 Winter Olympics and to a universe championship in 2014. Ulsrud now creates it a point, he said, to outperform his younger teammates in their several conditioning tests.

The aptness disturb in curling has taken reason of both group and women.

Ian Willms for The New York Times

The competition clearly has changed.

“It used to be comparison people, celebration drink all night,” Ulsrud said. “And those were a best players! You’d accommodate them during a bar.”


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About that calendar: It facilities chosen curlers in several states of strip — including Ulsrud, who acted in his underwear with his teammates for a month of December.

The print fire was on a second building of a bustling grill in Oslo. The lunchtime throng was riveted.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Hey, if we have a cooking party, can we guys come over and serve?’” Ulsrud said.

The calendar is a work of George Karrys, a owners and publisher of the Curling News, an attention bible formed in Toronto. Karrys pronounced he had scarcely sole out of a 10,000 copies he had printed, with a net deduction going to several charities. This is a second edition. Bowing to open direct after he had published several calendars featuring womanlike curlers, Karrys came out with a initial Men of Curling Calendar in 2014. (Ulsrud was in that one, too.)

“It was flattering explosive,” pronounced Karrys, a former Olympic curler for Canada.

Karrys lets a curlers follow by on their possess artistic visions. For a latest calendar, Ulsrud and his 3 teammates chose a holiday cooking tableau, with Havard Vad Petersson posing like a roasted pig with an apple in his mouth.

“He drew a brief straw,” Ulsrud said.

The aim assembly is no secret.

“You get a lot of a comparison ladies adult in Alberta or Saskatchewan who are only going to buy those things up,” pronounced John Landsteiner, a member of a United States men’s team.

Neither Landsteiner nor any of his American teammates are featured in a calendar — “We’re not accurately a beefcakes,” pronounced John Shuster, a four-time Olympian and a team’s personality — though they were no reduction focused on creation gains (or losses, as a box might be) in a weight room forward of a Games.

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