Oklahoma State manager Mike Gundy ‘accidentally’ spills smoothie to …

Mike Gundy and Mike Leach go in a pantheon of uncanny Mikes, and Gundy reinforced his bequest on Monday. While giving a press discussion for Oklahoma State on Monday, Gundy was rocking a sweater before he tragically and totally incidentally spilled a smoothie onto it. When he took a sweater off, Gundy was station in stately zebra stripes.

As it turns out, Gundy was perplexing to send a summary to a Oklahoma State faithful, reminding them to “stripe” Boone Pickens Stadium for a Cowboys’ hitch opposite No. 17 Boise State.

So, now that that summary is sent, what did a rest of a nation learn? Firs, serve acknowledgment that straight stripes are, indeed, slimming, given that outfit indeed creates Gundy demeanour like a bobblehead with a LEGO hairpiece. Second, Gundy thinks that Oklahoma State fans need a sign about what “stripes” demeanour like.

You’ve got to honour a joining to a bit. In that picture, he’s station like even he isn’t anxious with what’s personification out, though when you’re going adult opposite a tough competition you’ve got to lift out all a stops. And if we don’t comprehend how large of a understanding it is for him to rubbish smoothies, good …

So far, Gundy and a Cowboys have blown out Missouri State and South Alabama, dropping during slightest 50 points in both games. Boise State, meanwhile, has dejected both Troy and Connecticut. This diversion looks to be a initial loyal exam for both teams, so we’ll see if a Broncos can put on a blinders in what will positively be a packaged stadium.

This coaching thing seems to be going excellent for Gundy, though if it doesn’t work out, he during slightest has a change of uniform.

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