Offers wanted for Sandal Castle Visitor Centre – lease from £12,000 …

The former Sandal Castle Visitor Centre has left adult for rent.

Wakefield Council has motionless to put a building adult for rental, for offers over £12,000 per year.

The centre, that sits subsequent to a palace on Manygates Lane, was sealed in a cost-cutting pierce by a management over a summer. And it has been dull ever since.

Karen Collins, use executive for enlightenment and competition during Wakefield Council, said: “We are seeking a new reside for a former Sandal Castle Visitor Centre.

“It’s a good event for a business to set adult in a singular plcae and we demeanour brazen to someone giving a building a new franchise of life.”

Representatives of a Friends of Sandal Castle (FOSC), Sandal Community Association (SCA) and Inspiring Community met with a legislature yesterday to get some-more information about skeleton to franchise out a building.

Les Goddard, management of a Sandal Community Association, said: “The beam cost is £12,000 per annum smallest that apparently we don’t consider any intentional organization would be means to pay.

“I consider a legislature wish a blurb let if they can, though that would need to be in-keeping with a use of a ancestral palace site.

“It’s only a matter of watchful to see now what offers they get.

“In an ideal universe we wish it as a caller centre open to a community. What it was before as a caller centre and cafeteria was an suitable use.”

The building is on a let marketplace with a smallest 3 year lease. Any due new uses of a former centre would be theme to formulation permission.

Dr Keith Souter, clamp management of a Friends of Sandal Castle, said: “We have had a lot of enquiries on a Facebook pages for both a FOSC and a SCA, bemoaning a closure of a centre.

“People are unapproachable of a palace and it has a place in their childhood and in their lives and they were astounded and saddened by a caller centre closure this summer.

“Our wish is that if it is rented that it will be used for a village and used by a community. The final thing we wish is for it to mount empty.

“Ultimately, a Friends of Sandal Castle wish that we will be means to liaise with a new reside to reason some-more events during a castle, like re-enactments, lectures and a renouned annual military coronet rope concert.”

The legislature pronounced it close a caller centre “as a approach outcome of bill cuts”.

And it has not nonetheless easy and reopened bridges and walkways during a Gothic castle, that sealed due to reserve concerns in March.

It pronounced it was exploring outmost appropriation options to lift out correct work, that it pronounced could cost some-more than £175,000.

The management also affianced to strengthen a palace after yobs graffittied and vandalised a mill walls in September.

It cursed a attacks, that sparked snub in a community, and pronounced it would implement proxy CCTV during a site, boost spawn patrols, boost night time confidence and work with West Yorkshire Police to forestall destiny anti-social behaviour.

To perspective sum of a former caller centre building, revisit

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