Observation overload

Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC

OK, so any helper reading this will substantially relate, though we are so used to watching a patients/residents that we tend to “over observe” when not during work.

Case in point: This summer, for some reason we beheld a lot of people wearing sandals who substantially shouldn’t be. So we have come adult with a new set of manners for sandal wearing. 

1.  If 4 toes are staring true forward though one is disposition over like a observant “Heyyyyy, what y’all doing over there?” don’t wear sandals.

2.  If we put on a sock and it looks like we are wearing a mitten, don’t wear sandals.

3.  If it looks like we burnished Vaseline on your heels and walked in a sand, don’t wear sandals.

As nurses, we also observe to see if apparatus is operative properly. You know, we make certain a critical pointer machines are charged, a IV pumps are maintained, etc.

So this summer we came to a end that we hatred involuntary flushing toilets since they NEVER work right. They don’t flush when we wish them to. You have to do this uncanny potty/behind trifle to try to get them to flush, right? But when do they flush? When we go to lay down! So not usually do we get toilet H2O on your physique tools we never wish toilet H2O on, it only sucked down that good toilet paper nest it took we 5 mins to make! (So not right!)

Oh, and on vacation final summer we was holding a prolonged travel and incidentally strolled by a bare beach. Let me only contend really overtly that this is not something we wanted to see. I’ve seen adequate nakedness for a lifetime already, and let me supplement that a strenuous infancy of people who extract in a bare beach … shouldn’t! (That is one regard we truly wish we hadn’t been means to make.)

And another sum “nurse” thing: My crony forked out a physique builder-type of man (on a showering fit beach) whom she was enjoying, and all we could contend was, “Wow, he has good veins.”

So, yeah, we can take a helper on vacation though no matter what, we can’t take a helper partial out!

I wish everybody had a good summer and keeps on observing!

Just gripping it real,

Nurse Jackie

The Real Nurse Jackie is created by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC, an APEX Award of Excellence leader for Blog Writing. Vance is a genuine life long-term caring nurse. A nationally reputable helper teacher and past inhabitant LTC Nurse Administrator of a Year, she also is an achieved stand-up comedienne. She has not starred in her possess inhabitant radio array — yet. The opinions granted here are her possess and do not indispensably simulate those of her employer or her veteran affiliates.

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