No sweat! Summer character that won’t leave we prohibited underneath a collar


Yes, it’s summer! And summer, with a healthy sip of Vitamin D and unconstrained pool celebration opportunities and beach lazing, is exciting, fresh, riveting, even. Ice-cream cones, a smell of sunscreen, Instagram moments abound.

But… a persperate stains. Getting dressed for work when your home resembles a sauna. Your ever-growing pedicure bill. (Hey, I’ts sandal deteriorate after all.) Never fear. Let’s mangle by a intensity summer sartorial nightmares, and get true into a stylish side of things!

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“I have critical business meetings all day, though a object has incited me into a reservoir of highlight and sunburn.”


The cold-shoulder tip is a answer to any dressed-up summer character dilemmas. Wear with tailored trousers to echo your girlboss status, and finish off with open-toed boots – a some-more respirating room a better. You’ll feel refreshed, nonetheless in control.

STYLE REPUBLIC_Bow fact intelligent pant

SLICK_Cold shoulder top

AWOL_Strappy heels

YOU  I_Minimalist watch

FIORELLI_Grace purse bag

“My summer physique needs to get here, like, yesterday. Can we make my early morning gym sessions work for after in a day?”


The answer here is yes, and yes, and appreciate we to sports luxe. Don your sneakers with your formalwear for a complicated take on athleisure, or span your lane tip with a pleated skirt. Joggers get an present uplift when interconnected with tailored pieces. Keep things in a same colour palette to safeguard polish.

EDIT_Smart pant

EDIT_Longer lengthe shirt


“Summer says laid-back, dressed-down style, though my lifestyle dictates a some-more dressed-up proceed – for work as good as after hours. How do we stay on trend while still looking put together?”


Stripes are THE imitation for SS16, and a best news of all? The geometric aspect now pulls together any look, and creates it demeanour now some-more dressed up. Even oversized pieces demeanour polised with a further of a ribbon – ideal for boardroom meetings and beach days, respectively.

MANGO_Striped jupsuit

MANGO_Striped trousers


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