Nicki Minaj Offers $100000 For Footage Of Cardi B New York Fashion Week Fight

30 Oct 2018, 12:32 | Updated: 30 Oct 2018, 12:36

Nicki Minaj.


‘Queen’ rapper Nicki Minaj is angry after Cardi B claimed that she was strike by confidence in their New York Fashion Week scuffle.

Nicki Minaj has offering $100,000 for notice footage of her “fight” with Cardi B during New York Fashion Week.

The ‘Chun Li’ rapper, who reignited her Cardi B argument final night on Queen Radio, claimed that Cardi was fibbing about what unequivocally happened during their earthy rumpus during Harper’s Bazaar’s party.

The Complete History Of Nicki Minaj Cardi B’s Feud

Initial reports claimed that Cardi B perceived a large pile on her conduct from a collision with confidence during a event.

However Nicki Minaj is claiming that Cardi B was beaten adult by her crony Love Hip-Hop New York star Rah Ali and lied about a truth.

“Anybody that wants to lift adult a notice footage, we will give we $100,000,” Minaj said.

“Anybody that says that didn’t happen. we would never come adult here and lie. For people who don’t know, Rah Ali kick Cardi’s a** genuine bad.

“You went home and told people that confidence strike you, and we let that float for authorised reasons.”

Nicki Minaj also suggested that her camera male also has footage of a incident.

However after some fans were confused about because Nicki Minaj would need to compensate for footage if she already has it, a ‘Chun Li’ rapper privileged adult a conditions on Twitter.

“For a delayed ones in a behind on a blogs, we offering income for a footage from a venue,” she pronounced in a now-deleted tweet.

“I have footage on my possess camera though we was seeking for beyond footage that a venue might have.

“Y’all listen to snippets of my uncover and consider y’all Albert Einstein.”

Nicki Minaj Addressing Cardi B Fight.


Nicki Minaj also asked Cardi B to take a distortion detector exam about her claims.

“I’ll compensate we to take a distortion detector exam about each explain we done on Queen Radio,” she tweeted.

“You won’t. we contingency acknowledge we are a convincing liar. You looked me passed in my face and pronounced we told ya male not to do a ‘no flags’ video cuz we was dissing you. London On Da Track got a same call.”

Nicki Minaj Addressing Cardi B Fight.


Cardi B dismissed behind during Nicki Minaj’s claims with a array of Instagram videos, in that she claimed that a ‘Queen’ rapper was fibbing about her claims.

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