NFL initial entertain deteriorate awards: Raheel Style

Never change, Billy O.

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We’ve now strike a entertain symbol of a deteriorate so you’ll be flooded with a general posts about awards like a MVP, Defensive Player of a Year, Offensive Player of a Year, and so many other categories. So, instead of doing things we can find on any aged website, we suspicion we would give out some new awards opposite a NFL  for a initial 4 games of a year:

Staying on Brand Award

Players work on things in a off-season and get better. They will supplement new moves or ability sets to showcase in a unchanging season. Some coaches will exercise new plays or philosophies as they enter another deteriorate in a NFL. Bill O’Brien? Well, he’s stayed on code with his coaching blunders entering year 5 and that’s flattering damn impressive. It seems like each immature manager (McVay and Vrabel) in a diversion has talked about carrying somebody on staff that helps them with timeouts, challenges, etc., though not Bill. Bill is staying on code and doesn’t caring what we cruise about it since it’s not his job.

Runner-up: The Steelers terrible defense. We’re about dual games divided from Pouncey commenting on it.

I’ll Watch Your Game Award

Look, a Browns legit could be 4-0 right now. we know a “what if” game is terrible to play and we can’t assume anything in a NFL, though a decent kicker could have won games for a Browns. I’m not usually observant this since of Hard Knocks, though this Browns organisation is hella fun to watch with Baker during QB. On Sunday we was some-more dissapoint during a Texans going to overtime since it was eating into a Browns vs Raiders game. Baker has a ‘IT’ cause and I’ll suffer it as most as we can before he is harmed like each mobile QB ever in a story of a NFL.

Runner-up: Oakland Raiders. If we suspicion Texans football is bad, try a Raiders! It’ll give we a new appreciation for what we watch each Sunday here in Houston.

This Is For You, Roger! Award

We all have that one colleague that sucks adult to a trainer and does things where it’s usually for his enrichment and zero else. That one workman in a NFL? The referee(s) that keep job a terrible roughing a passer penalties opposite defensive players. Look, we get it, player, contemptible QB, reserve is critical to a league, though some of these calls are usually removing stupid. By a way, on Sunday after TY Hilton held a pass and had a good gain, he was tackled by McKinney who landed on him with his full weight. No penalty. we get it that it’s football and plays like that will happen, though a NFL sends a wrong summary when defensive players aren’t authorised to do it to QBs, though they are to anybody else. we extol we NFL Referee for staying loyal to a calls and creation certain Roger Goodell notices how you’re safeguarding a league.  

Runner-up: Clay Matthews on each sack. His is some-more out of spite, “THIS IS FOR YOU, ROGER! SCREW YOU!”.

You Make NFL Broadcasts Fun To Watch Award

I know a editor Fred Faour mutes games when he watches them, though this is a anti-Fred Muting Games Award. Monday Night Football is a go-to when we wish to hatred on a promote crew, though Booger McFarland has been overwhelming so distant as a margin researcher on MNF. His discernment and passion for a competition has been extensive so distant in a season.

Runner-Up: Tony Romo. Yes, he’s still good in his second season.  

Creepy Sports Media Award


Runner-up: Raheel Ramzanali for his uncanny mindfulness with Sean McVay.

The Echo Chamber Award

Ties are never fun. In fact, a NFL competence have a problem with ties this season, though we know what sucks some-more than a tie? A FREAKING LOSS. Coaches always contend how tough it is to win in a NFL, though they always forget to contend how easy it is to remove since of a bad decision. we know a media relate cover right now is all about how ballsy and virile Frank Reich is for going for it on fourth down in OT from his possess side of a field, though greatfully let’s stop it. we know him subsidy his preference after a diversion unequivocally helped start this whole. “Frank’s right, guys!” discussion, though we have to cruise a best box and misfortune box in each vital decision. Reich’s preference was a ultimate destroy since with that most time left and an offense that you’d slowed down, we could’ve avoided a loss, though instead we gave a Texans life and they finished you.

Runner-up: Aaron Rodgers week 1 performance. Yeah he played on a crippled knee, though he’s still personification on it and maybe it wasn’t that crazy of an damage after all? It was an imaginary opening and overtly we design zero reduction from A-Aron, though a folklore like retelling of that diversion is going to be so bad in a few years since people will forget that he didn’t skip any time with a knee.

Y’all Are Such Haters Award

This goes to all a people that suspicion Mike Vrabel was going to be a terrible conduct manager since he was a coordinator of a invulnerability that had vital injuries to each position organisation final year. The Texans were bad final year and a invulnerability took a vital stepback after Vrabel became a coordinator and in annoy of all of that, teams still wanted to make him as conduct coach. Vrabel has now beaten dual of a final 4 teams left from final year’s playoffs (including a champs, duh!) and his organisation has no quit in them. Props to him!

Runner-up: Everyone that was rooting for FitzMagic to destroy so we could tell people that we knew this was a portion a whole time. Yes, he is now behind to being a journeyman QB, though a volume of people rooting opposite him was weird. If anything, we should all be rooting for a loser to succeed.


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