New York, Chicago cops join army to diss any other’s pizza

Photo: Mariha-kitchen, skitzafrenic (iStock)

National Pizza Day came and went this past Saturday, and military departments in dual of a nation’s many venerable pizza cities motionless a usually approach to symbol a arise was foster bargain a usually approach #nationalpizzaday would allow: tasting any other city’s pizza.

Let’s see initial what Chicago military officers had to contend about New York-style pizza:


First off, good finished on removing Chi-CAH-go executive casting. But let us make clear: Their outcome of “It’s all right” is a top regard a Chicagoan can store on a foodstuff that didn’t issue in a 312.

Now let’s see what a NYPD suspicion of Chicago deep-dish pizza:


Ice cold, New York, ice cold. The officers here couldn’t give a appearances of dual shits with even a second bite.

What to make of this? While this attempt sounded harmless on paper (and hey, giveaway pizza for a group and women in blue), what accurately was a indicate of this? To smoke a chests in a name of county pride? To underscore how purposeless pizza allegiances are? Or, as we think given CPD’s lukewarm answer and NYPD’s undisguised disgust, to explain that New York-style pizza might indeed be a higher pizza?

Perhaps a dual military departments can reprise this on Jul 18, when it’s National Hot Dog Day and a formula will expected be different. Because a New York dog with vomit-colored sauerkraut is inarguably disgusting.


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