New year nostalgia from Furness over a decades – can we mark yourself ?

PARTIES and lovely dips are how we traditionally applaud a new year in Furness, Millom and a South Lakes.

We have plunged into a repository to move we new year memories from opposite a decades as prisoner by The Mail.

Brave new year dippers exclude to let a cold get in their way. Here is a quite happy garland from 1988.

Were we one of a New Year’s Eve party-goers in Market Place, Ulverston, in 1989 and, if so, who were we smooching?

Or maybe we went to a imagination dress whack like a punk, soldier and cowboy graphic by us in 1990?

As always, tell us if we recognize a friend, family member or even yourself. Let us know during The Mail Facebook page or on Twitter.

More fadluv ...

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