New PUBG crates let we dress adult like a Biker or Desperado

Forget a stupid patch records – there are new PUBG costumes in city (on a PC exam server)! Now we can dress adult like a Biker or a Desperado!

That’s a Desperado coupler apparently.

The difference are capitalised since they’re a name of dual new PUBG crates, any of that come with a whole raise of imagination dress to cocktail on. There’s all a leather you’d pattern from a Biker crate, and a polka dot t-shirt, gas facade – for some reason – and most more. The Desperado crate, meanwhile, has awesome-looking spiky punk knuckle gloves. There’s no gameplay advantage to what we wear other than overwhelming players with your conspicuous eye for an outfit, or miss thereof.

If you’re on a exam server you’ll be given keys and Battle Points to entrance a chests. Which of a 4 chests you’ll accept is random, as are a contents, yet it’s weighted 40 per cent to 10 per cent in foster of a new chests, apparently, and a dump rates of essence are plainly divulged.

Desperado items

  • Sleeveless Turtleneck Top (Gray) : 8.00%
  • Leather Boots (Black) : 8.00%
  • Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black) : 7.50%
  • Baggy Pants (Black) : 7.50%
  • Striped Tank-top : 7.50%
  • Wide Pants (Red) : 7.50%
  • Punk Knuckle Gloves (Red) : 7.00%
  • Sleeveless Turtleneck (Black) : 7.00%
  • Baggy Pants (Brown) : 5.00%
  • Long Leather Boots (Brown) : 5.00%
  • Striped Shirt (Gray) : 5.00%
  • Beanie (Brown) : 5.00%
  • Horn-rimmed Glasses (Black) : 4.50%
  • Training Pants (Light Blue) : 4.50%
  • Leather Boots (Brown) : 4.50%
  • Horn-rimmed Glasses (Brown) : 2.50%
  • Aviator Sunglasses : 1.30%
  • Checkered Jacket : 1.30%
  • Long-sleeved Leather Shirt : 0.60%
  • Leather Hoodie (Black) : 0.32%
  • Leather Hoodie (White) : 0.32%
  • Cloth Mask (Leopard) : 0.16%

Biker items

  • Long-sleeved T-shirt (Red) : 15.00%
  • School Shoes (Brown) : 15.00%
  • raglan shirt : 10.00%
  • T-shirt (Pink striped) : 10.00%
  • Polka Dot T-shirt : 10.00%
  • Dirty Long-sleeved T-shirt : 10.00%
  • School Shoes (Black) : 5.00%
  • Skinny Jeans (Khaki) : 5.00%
  • Gas Mask (Half) : 4.50%
  • Beanie (Gray) : 4.50%
  • Sleeveless Turtleneck (Red) : 4.50%
  • Skinny Jeans (Pink) : 2.50%
  • Patrol Cap (Brown) : 1.20%
  • Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray Striped) : 1.20%
  • Patrol Cap (Gray) : 0.40%
  • Biker Pants (Black) : 0.40%
  • Floral Shirt (White) : 0.26%
  • Sneakers (Black) : 0.26%
  • Padded Jacket (Purple) : 0.06%
  • Princess Power Tank-top : 0.06%
  • Floral Shirt (Black) : 0.05%
  • Biker Pants (Gray) : 0.05%
  • Aviator Goggles : 0.03%
  • Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Brown) : 0.01%
  • Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black) : 0.01%
  • Cloth Mask (Checkered) : 0.01%

The in-testing PC patch, a initial of 2018, also brings some correct changes to a game. Cheating is a large concentration for a group and there’s a new stating complement that lets we dwindle players directly from replays.

Game opening is another large issue, and to that end, prominence has been reduced while you’re in a atmosphere during a commencement to well-spoken things out.

There’s also some-more cover combined around La Bendita on Miramar, improved patrol group colours, and several improvements to replays. Full records and bin essence below.

Meanwhile, in PUBG on Xbox One, there’s finally support for patrol and twin modes while personification in first-person mode.


  • Added some-more objects around La Bendita on Miramar to boost a volume of cover


  • Reduced a manifest stretch when parachuting down in sequence to exam a optimization of server and customer opening during a early phases of a game


  • Changed a pattern of a appetite drink


  • Adjusted a patrol group colors (players 1~4) to improved simulate their callout names (yellow, orange, blue, green)
  • Adjusted patrol group colors to make them some-more unchanging between opposite colorblind options
  • Added a duty where a actor can name some-more minute criteria for a Cheating difficulty in a in-game news tool
  • You can select mixed equipment or we can only news but selecting any of them


  • While player’s nameplate is on (H key), now we can check a stream arms of that actor by dire G pivotal
  • Added news symbol in replay
  • Report symbol pops adult when dire RMB on a actor list (TAB key)
  • While watching / following mode, news symbol appears on a timeline (J key)
  • Added a caring package idol changing outcome according to a status
  • The idol will be opposite when a caring package is descending and looted by other players
  • Adjusted replay complement so that now a actor can watch a replay but additional check in a following cases: solo mode; when a actor won a match; when all teammates are eliminated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a emanate where when a actor lands from a craft a position of impression teleports intermittently
  • Fixed a emanate where impression animation is solidified when rejoining after a crash
  • Fixed a emanate where a red section disappears now after it formed
  • Fixed a emanate where some vehicles spawned on Miramar are stranded to an intent and incompetent to move
  • Fixed a emanate where a actor infrequently couldn’t pass by a doorway even yet it was open
  • Fixed a emanate where rodent cursor would disappear on a replay map
  • Fixed a emanate where when replay and genocide cam were played, a crosshair was bouncing
  • Fixed a emanate where a descending speed scale content was display abnormally in Portuguese

More fadluv ...

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