Net-a-Porter Launches a Pearl-Encrusted Capsule Collection From Two of Copenhagen’s Most Coveted Labels

Copenhagen’s conform stage is really most like that of a small town: Everyone is friends, some are family, and a designers support one another not usually as colleagues though also as fans. Such is a box with Cecilie Bahnsen, who was a finalist for a LVMH Prize in 2017, and Sophie Bille Brahe, a internal valuables engineer with an general following. They’ve famous any other for years, carrying met while study during a Royal College of Art in London, and share aesthetics that are identical in their romantic, facilely ethereal allure. (Bahnsen also designed indication Caroline Brasch Nielsen’s marriage dress and bridesmaids dresses for her commitment to Bille Brahe’s hermit Frederik final year.)

Bahnsen’s prophesy translates to sculptural, saturated silhouettes on a runway, while Bille Brahe’s pieces are crafted in a form of ethereal clustered-pearl earrings and solid rings that whirl around a finger. Despite their artistic and personal synergies, a dual designers hadn’t collaborated with one another—that is, until Net-a-Porter came calling. Today, in jubilee of a start of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Bahnsen and Bille Brahe are releasing their really initial collaborative plug collection with a tellurian e-commerce site. Together they’ve designed 22 pieces—including dresses, jewelry, bags, and a sneaker—that incorporate both of their signature pattern elements: a big-skirted, pouf-sleeve dress ornate with pearl motifs; a silk dusk bag minute with small white pearl flowers; and a span of black sneakers also flashy with a pointed cluster of pearls.

There are also cluster-pearl earrings and a wipe done of pearls. “Cecilie and we went to an eventuality together, and as we were removing ready, we beheld she was wearing a necklace draped in her hair, like it was a usually approach to wear it,” says Bille Brahe. “When it came to conceptualizing a collection together, we immediately suspicion of that impulse and knew that we wanted to emanate a genuine headpiece.” Of their synergy, Bahnsen says that they are both “drawn to a communication and romantic interest of a handmade and a poise of a aged ways of pattern and construction.” She adds, “Our styles are a small bit some-more minute and decadent than what you’d typically associate with Scandinavian design.”

“This collection also draws on a impulse from a infrequent Copenhagen approach of dressing,” Bahnsen notes. “We wanted to mix a lush with a everyday. My dresses, ragged with Sophie’s valuables and styled with festooned trainers and complicated knitted socks, combined a demeanour that is free and easy to wear.” In Bille Brahe’s words, their entrance collection is “simple and ethereal and really coherent.”

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