NBA: James Harden’s Platform Sneakers Not Mentioned In Crazy Suit

Jams Harden (photo by Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons)

The NBA is a conform king of American veteran sports, from a just-for-show eyeglasses to Russell Westbrook’s denim stylings to, really, everything LeBron James does and wears. (Okay, we’ll discuss Jeremy Lin’s hair too, even if Kenyon Martin doesn’t approve.) But this week a possibility to respect a dear and over NBA broadcaster Craig Sager, famous for his conform (or anti-fashion?) sense, brought out a vital sartorial creativity in these many artistic of athletes. Many consider James Harden won a Craig Sager attire sweepstakes with a wondrous pleasing crazy fit below:

You know you’ve got some fit on when nobody mentions that you’re wearing height soles on your kicks. Harden, who is a disreputable high six-feet-five already (with a six-feet-eleven-inch wingspan) looks like he stepped out of a 1970s prolongation of Godspell or Tommy for some-more than only a suit. Look during those kicks.

[T.U.K. Unisex V7757 Creeper Oxford]

He’s wearing a 21st century chronicle of a 1970s tack — height shoes! He contingency be six-feet-eight in those! Platform kicks have been creation a comeback, with many vital brands featuring new sneaky worsening sneaker styles.

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