Mini handbags will widen your purse

If we suspicion that engineer handbags were ostensible to lift your effects from A to B, a new trend suggests you’d be wrong.

The latest standing pitch among a 1 per cent is a teeny little purse so tiny that it can hardly fit an iPhone — let alone a span of pumps, used tissues or aged cough sweets.

The tallness of fashion’s most-wanted vessels change between 8cm and 12cm though a smaller measure do not equal a friendlier cost tag.

Gucci’s take is 12cm high and costs £2,020. The Italian residence doesn’t army on embellishments, notwithstanding a bag being a length of a pen: a pattern is done from lead brocade and facilities a steel tiger-head grip and pearl-embellished bow.

Net-a-Porter calls it “a…

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